*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

It’s open to one and all as long as they have an active BLF account :slight_smile:

can you use flat top or button top? or just button top cells?

For anyone asking or thinking if it’s too late add 1 or more lanterns…the answer is no. We’ll continue to add to the interest list until Sofirn says no more and they haven’t given any indication of doing that.

Everyone who is in my database will receive a PM as long as their user name is correct in one of the files linked to in post #1.

I’d also like to get a second lantern, for a total of 2. Thanks.

With one very specific exception, button top only.

1 for me

Good Sir,

How Dare You lump me with the common rabble. Were my resources not stretched as thin as an Alms House orphan, I’d give your list a well and thorough seeing-to!


Please put me down for one more, for a total of two. Thanks

Hey SIGShooter, would you put me on the list for 2 more please? Total of 4…Thanks

I am down for one with batteries.

2 more for me plese, making 3 total. Number 1646 on the master list

Thanks for putting everything down so concisely!

Thanks. Do you think protected cells would be a better idea for muggles, though?

Id like to add 1 more to my request, for a total of 2 lanterns. Thanks!

Put me down for 1 more, please. (Total of 2)

As long as a cell is not inserted backwards, unprotected seem to be favored. Since it can be charged without removing the batteries, a trustworthy muggle can be told to never open it up. For a oppositional muggle, protected might be called for. But this is just one opinion.

I’d like to add another 2 units (I believe I have already 2 units previously).

Please add one more for me for a total of 4.
Thanks to all for seeing this through and to SIGshooter for dealing with all of these last minute adds.

I second this, thank you all so much for all the time and effort that’s gone into this.

I have a post in for 2 from well over a year ago but I am not on the list. Am I missing a step?