*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Been following the thread for a while. Like what I see. :+1:

I’d be in for 2.


Interested in two please. Did I miss the projected cost? In at any rate, thank you!

Add me for one please.

Registered just for this, please sign me up for one, looks like a great project!

ADd me to the list please

Please add me for 1. Thanks!!!


Interested in 2. Thanks

Please add me to the interest list for 1.


Please put me down for 2

Hi i would also like one of these please.

I’m interested in one

Very interested in 2

I would be interested in 2 units.

Definitely interested … two for me please.

Seeing all this interest in this Lantern project, i have to get my time together and get this rolling as soon as i can for everyone. :+1:

With help from member MichielSanders the interest list is update in the OP. ( now up to 542 ! ) I hope to get the new updated blueprint design posted soon, and with help from the team hopefully we can get this rolling. (at this time TheMiller has been ill and absent for a few weeks, hopefully some updates on his status soon.

Awesome idea.

Count me in for (1)! :+1:

Please add me to the list for 1 lantern, maybe more when the final details are known.

I’m interested in one