*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Definitely going to need both shades, the lanyard, the bottom cap, and a bag to fit all of that stuff along with the LT1. Great video Den.

IMO the solid white plastic top shade looks the best but the collapsible silicone is for sure the best option and most versatile.

A base cap that threads into the lantern head would be preferred over a slip over cap due to water intrusion.

Nice video DBSAR. So when will the accessories be available for purchase? Also any options for people who want a bundle of everything? :smiley:

A thread-in cap would be definitely better options with an o-ring. :+1:

We are unsure yet of Sofirn would build the accessories package, but we will look into it.

Turns out this is a solar panel I purchased also from ebay, not the LT1. It took the seller a day to upload shipping info, so I will continue patiently waiting . . . .

I still haven’t got a code, seems like everyone else did?

Your first entry is #1683. Only the first 500 got codes or ordered from the first batch of 500 LT1’s.

All of us who signed up after #501 will get codes when the second batch of 2500 units goes up for sale.

Gotcha. I seen the updated first post said something along the lines of the first 3000 were fulfilled. Must have misunderstood.


The 3000 (total) group buy slots were filled.

The first product batch was no more than 500 allocated as 1 LT1 per person starting at the first entry. If you were not one of the first 500 people on the list, you were not notified of anything.

Batch #2 is expected to cover all remaining lantern requests.

Too bad it’s not the LT. Hopefully it will be at your doorstep soon.

Good job DBSAR!

I will want at least 3 of the full kits with cases if not more. Let us know when or if you start an interest list for kits.

The collapsible shade seems to be the most versatile and storage/carry friendly. If it allows the LT1 to be stored in the same case as the accessories, this is a plus as well. It also seems to grip onto the LT1 making it stable.

Does the collapsible shade work in conjunction with the side deflector? This would be my preferred combo.

I agree that the bottom cap should be screw on with O-ring for waterproofing and stability when used with base. It would be great if it could have a 1/4 x 20 threaded insert as well.

You might try to remove the foam from the center of the base to give the foam more grip per less surface area and make it more stable on uneven surfaces and less likely to wobble on high center. A ring resting on uneven surfaces is more stable then a flat disc.

We have approached Sofirn to see if they want to take on building the accessories kit for the LT1, and will certainly post updates to everyone as we get them. :+1:

I’m in for the neoprene bag, lanyard, side directional shades and the silicone collapsible cap :smiley:

Great video!

I´m in love with this fading colour. Would to love to see a light anodized like that.

@DBSAR: thanks for the video but i can’t hear a word even with the volume cranked up, and please make it shorter.

For what i’ve seen, i’m not sure about the translucent top shade - it seems almost useless and still produces a lot of glare. Why not opaque?

How strange. I had no problem with volume.

As for the shade, there are going to be as many opinions on what it should be as people who have rectums. He has to try to satisfy as many people as possible, and that includes those folks who want some light to bleed through to light things “above” for whatever reason. But just because the one offered isn’t to your liking does NOT mean that you can’t make what you want.

Regarding the 14/20 screw… there are options out there with a tiny fold away bail type handle that would also allow the screw to be connected to the side shield. Here is what I mean. A swivel somewhere between both connections would prevent a birds nest from forming when the screw is employed.

And another option. (I can’t get it to work. Maybe cut and paste it into ones browser?)