*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Mine came setup with a warm candle and sunset mode. Tint ramping didn't affect those modes at all.

Look for the Anduril 2 maps for options to adjust things.

On my Anduril 1 LT1, I can tint ramp in candle mode.

found a youtube reviewer that explained it. thanks

Still worth purchasing? Any negative modifications by the manufacturer similar to what Lumintop did? I don’t want to purchase and find out Sofirn cheaped out on materials/made worse changes to the BLF model

I can't speak to what may be in the pipeline but, I have two LT1's from the "current generation" and love them. They are my most used lights.

Considering its price point and what I see on the Sofirn website, I don't see any suggestion of these being "cheaped out" or otherwise being downgraded. In fact, I see what looks like a new control board on their website to update the first generation LT1 lanterns to the current hardware and functionality but, I don't have enough knowledge to speak to the charging and similar features in the current generation, and this new replacement PCB.

What did they do, and to which model(s)?

Nearing time to order an LT1, but the CL2 also looks interesting.


It is a really awesome option with a lot of features. The minor size difference in the CL2 had my attention for a little while but, the LT1 simply works so well for me and its feature set was better. Plus, the 18650 batteries have worked really well for me during recent power outages. I even overheard my friend's wife on the phone with my friend say "Sid has a really awesome light!" to him while I was over at the cabin chatting with her while the power was out.

Which version of the LT1 is considered the best? Is there a particular revision I should go for?

I would say if you don’t specifically want to make sure you get any of the following features, don’t worry about which version you get. Any of them will still be the best lantern on the market:

- Powerbank functionality (I think this is universal now?)

- Ability to change the maximum current by bridging or clearing solder jumpers

- Pin arrangement for flashing new firmware.

If you do care, you’ll have to search upthread for information to guide which version to seek out, but I don’t think there is necessarily any certainty which version you will get, regardless of where you order.

Here’s two posts with some good summary info:

Cool, thanks for the info!

Mostly the FW3-series lights.

  • To begin with, the FW3A was never produced to the manufacturing standards the FW3A team wanted. Hence the issues common to every version.
  • Lumintop made a few minor changes to the FW3A over time, then eventually some major unpopular changes: added a bunch of tacky-looking branding, and recently moved to a cheaper crappier driver
  • The FW1A used to be amazing, then they cheaped out on the reflector and it sucks now. Note that it appears they just used the FW1A Pro reflector (designed for XHP50.2 3V iirc) for all FW1As eventually. It's pretty bad with normal 3535 emitters
  • The 21700-series FW lights are reportedly, um, oddly designed and don't really fit 21700s very well. I don't own one, and I never will.
  • Early on they tried to bait-and-switch the optics (Carclo triple + glass lens) for something else that lacked the glass lens entirely. Backlash was bad enough that they switched back, at least for a while. Not sure if they ever went back to the cheap optics.
  • They continued to never get the tolerances right for the tail switch so they also made a version that relies on a proprietary battery instead, lol
  • With Loneocean's Lume1 project, they at some point just made it without his final revisions. Actually, I think that's kind of how the FW3A project went: the team still wasn't happy with the latest version they got, and then Lumintop started production.

That's all I can think of right now.

I order mine from the Sofirn website because they are ~$10 cheaper, for me at least and, I always get the most recent revision.

I should also note I get the Orange LT1 which is hard to source from anywhere but, Sofirn. I live in the USA and Sofirn ships out of China as fast as some of my shipments from Amazon. Seriously, I average under 2 weeks from order to having it in my hands after shipping all the way from China to Texas.

I would encourage you to look on Aliexpress at the "web-store" and at the Sofirn website.

Who wants to start a group buy?

If you don’t need the powerbank feature, I think it’s best to go with the original LT1. For a while, Sofirn had them on sale to move old inventory. This Nov 11th, there could be another sale.

Firstly, the Anduril version in the LT1 v1 is excellent. Anduril v2 introduced minor improvements. Second, Sofirn started messing with the mcpcb and the LED indicators. I simply do not like the button glowing green when on. That’s meant for charge completion indication. The original glows orange, which is a proper color. Frankly, if it was green I’d be wincing every time I look at the damned thing. OCD? Maybe… but I’m grateful to give up the powerbank feature for orange.

With reshipping and other overhead, not much of a savings there for the work involved IMHO. If you shop carefully, you can come close to that price on singles. Seems like my last one was a little over $60USD at my door.

Personally, I really like the bright Green power button on my LT1's. On my SP36 I dimmed it and quickly restored it to full power. My Astrolux FT03 is also Green which suits me just fine.

True. Just scored one for under $50 with batteries.

That is a really good price!

I grabbed a new powerbank LT1 driver with the intent of upgrading my first-run LT1. Had anyone else done this?

No, but I also have a new driver and an original LT1. At first glance I could not see a marking on the ground wires regarding which connects to the warm and which to the cool LEDs. Or does not not matter, as i ramps both ways anyway?