** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

I'm not even sure it's A2. Maybe someone else knows?

I measured 1.33 amps at max, so seems like they used 4 7135's. The lowest ramping levels are a bit jumpy. If they don't use a single 7135 for the low modes, that might explain it.

21700 Sofirn's for reference.

It's actually slightly taller than the IF25A up to the LED's. The bases are the same diameter. At the fins, the IF25A is wider but the head is probably heavier. Tubes have different cut threads - can't LEGO:

At max, amp measurements of 1.326:

Parts easily unscrewed:

Real OP reflector under the top:

Would prefer a brass button here instead of the spring. Programming pins are numbered - think match the pins of the processor:

Chinese markings but you can easily tell the 2700K's apart from the 5000K's:

Alum MCPCB shown in the cutout:

Tailcap spring, no magnet, and no magnet included:

My understanding is that the reason thermal regulation was not included in the first BLF Lantern was because it could never work properly due to the LEDs being at the top of the lantern but the temperature sensor was in the body of the lantern so the microprocessor was unable to make any timely meaningful temperature interpretations and corrections due to this separation.

My assumption is that this is not the case with the Mini, where it could work well and easily be included using the thermal regulation code already available and implemented in Anduril.

Thermal regulation might be especially useful in hot environments or when someone decides to use the Mini upside down because they prefer the light pattern from that orientation (assuming this orientation causes more heat retention).

Sure, but most likely Sofirn just took the firmware they already had for the LT1.

Silly question, but it bothers me after noticing it, I have to know. What happened to the 4th mcpcb screw?

Hhmm, funny, I didn't give it much thought. It didn't come with it. I can check if a screw threads in ok.

At 1.33A, thermal regulation is not really needed because the lantern will not get really hot, my guess is that the head will not get over 50 degrees C. Tom or Sig could check that.

Mine only got to about 100F (38C) when I had it running on max for 15 minutes or so in a room without any outside ventilation with the battery at 4.0v.

As I mention in one of the threads I don’t think that heat is going to be an issue.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s kinda ugly?

Even worse: it looks boring. But that is what I think of the LT1 too. But I like these for their functionality.

It may not be easy to make them look more exciting without adding unneccessary junk to the body.

I think the Sofirn LT1S looks better, but it doesn't have Andúril.

BLF LT1 looks repurposed/frankensteinian so does LT1M-Mini.

That’s a major downside for outdoor use. Even just sitting outside in the evening (not even taking camping into account) might be problematic. I have 0 flat surfaces outside and often tables and chairs are not standing straight. The LT1 has been relatively stable in these situations, but I’m worried the mini will not work well with this. That leaves hanging it up somewhere, but that’s not always an option either.

That’s a shame, was hoping to swap this one with a IF25A one, so I can tell the 2 I have better apart. Maybe there’s a good reason for it, but it just leaves me wondering why there can’t be any consistency in this. It’s annoying (and not limited to Sofirn).

Recommend this 3d printed stand for the BLF LT1:

Someone should be able to adapt the dimensions for the mini.

I have the stand for the regular LT1 and it’s much more stable. (I don’t have a 3d printer so I paid for it to be printed by an online 3d printing marketplace)

To make a simple stand for the mini, a 30mm cavity can be drilled in a piece of plywood, in which it can be clamped.

I have to totally agree about ugly and boring. To me, this MF01X is one of the best looking new lights: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/68707. I'd order one just because it looks so cool!

But really, a black camping light makes no sense - I want something easy to see and find in a bag, for example. Sure you can add some neon tape I suppose.

Oh that’s a good suggestion for on a table! 3D printing just doesn’t do it for me, but a nice wooden stand I can totally imagine. Have some pieces of oak lying around that might be suitable. Bit more outdoor proof as well than plywood.

I’ve grown into the look of the LT1, maybe back then I thought it looked boring, but never ugly, in fact by comparison to literally every single lantern type light I think it was the best looking, even if it was just a Q8 with a piece of plastic on top.

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many thanks for your continuous work :beer:

Can one of the beta testers confirm it still has the 1/4” tripod thread in the base? (given it looks so unstable)

No tripod mount on it. I asked Barry if it was going to be added but he hasn’t responded back.