** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

my LT1 came with the original anduril, not the newer anduril2.

Right. Sorry, my wording was slightly ambiguous. The standby LED is orange. The blue is a charging indicator LED, not a standby LED. They’re two totally independent circuits and you cannot customize their colors.

This was my experience as well. Mine read a little bit high out of the box.

An Easy Method for Setting the Anduril 2 "Voltage Correction Factor" from:

1) There will be two (adjacent) "Voltage Correction Factor" settings that allow the "Battery Check" function to blink out "3.7" for a "Battery charged to 3.73 V".

2) Choose the one that can be selected with the least amount of clicks.


The above method adjusts the "Battery Check" function to blink out 3.7 when the battery voltage range is between 3.70 V and 3.80 V (or as close to that as is possible from adjustment).

Use a different battery voltage than 3.73 V if you want a lower or higher voltage range.

You can also use a battery at a different voltage than 3.73 V for adjustment. For instance, choose the "Voltage Correction Factor" selected with the least amount of clicks that allows the "Battery Check" function to blink out "4.1" for a "Battery charged to 4.13 V".

@tactical_grizzly ,

I bought a few of the N52 magnets that you linked (slightly thicker and stronger magnets). They look pretty big. I should be getting my Mini today, so I guess I will see if I can get one of the things inside of the spring. Any hints or tips on doing it without screwing something up??

hard to believe this light doesn’t come with a magnet in the tail….

You might need to stretch the spring a bit.

Basically you slide the magnet in about halfway down the spring, then just spin the magnet around inside the tailcap to work it down to the bottom of the spring, then push it into the center.

I got the light and installed the magnet. It was easier than I thought it would be. Had to tweak it a bit to get it centered in the spring. But it took less than a couple of minutes max. These magnets are very strong. I got 5 of them. They came stacked with plastic spacers in-between them. I had to put them on the edge of the table and use shear force to separate them. The rest of the stack rolled away and stopped where a screw is on the other side of a 3/4” board. One holds the light nice and tight in any orientation on a ferrous surface. Thanks for the tip(s). Works great!

This has to be a much better solution than a disk magnet on the outside using double stick tape to hold it. Much neater. Now I need to find a use for the magnets and double stick tape I got to try that method.

In comparison to the “low” button led brightness of my LT1 standard, the Mini’s leds are at least twice as bright on the “low” mode. Is there a software feature to reduce the brightness of the low and standard brightness button levels?

How do you get to temperature check? The diagram at LT1-Mini Manual PDF file shows from off - 3 clicks to batt check then 2 more to temp check. When I do 2 clicks from batt check it goes to beacon then 2 more clicks to SOS and 2 more takes you back to batt check. I have tried factory resets and I am sure I am in advanced UI.

Otherwise, the LT 1 Mini is great.

How do you get to “Tint Ramping Mode”??

Mine arrived! These are very nice & well done. A big THANK YOU to all involved. :+1:

Mine is doing the exact same thing. Temperature Check is not in the rotation.


Your right, my original LT1 came with Andruil, my later one came with Sofrin board and Andruil2.

I bought a board from Oshpark to program my original, not done it yet, but of course Sofrin seem to make up a new pin pattern on every light. We already had competing “standards” to chose from :person_facepalming:

that’s a bummer man. kills me when there are multiple ‘standards’. :weary:

LT1 and LT1 Mini do not have a temperature sensor so they do not have a temperature check mode. They are designed to never get too hot so you do not have to worry about temperature.

Click 3 times from on and hold the last click

Agreed. Of my few complaints with LT1 Mini, that is the largest. Sofirn continues to use different flashing pad layouts on various models rather than standardizing so that we can easily do firmware updates. They even changed the flashing pad layout on LT1 when they released the latest powerbank version.

THANK YOU tactical_grizzly!!! :beer:

Got my LT1 Mini yesterday, awesome little lantern!

Where is the picture of the UI for this light, it’s normally in the OP.

Also: how to know if you’re in simple mode or not? And how to toggle it?

I assume it’s the same as the Sofirn LT1 Anduril 2 chart.

To know if you’re in simple mode or not, click 3x from off to do a battery check. If it blinks out the voltage once and then turns off, you’re in the Simple UI. If it continues to blink out the voltage until you click to stop it, then it’s in the Advanced UI.

To toggle from Simple to Advanced, click 10x from off and hold the last click.

To toggle from Advanced back to simple, click 10x from off.