BLF Pet Photos

My helpers. Always at my feet.

I just noticed Roxy has managed to shorten her collar.

Apache doing his sea slug imitation

Hey, that’s a nice thread… was it buried ? :-p

Here is Leonard, our French (obviously) Bulldog. Some says he looks like a pet pig O:)

He likes to hang around with our cats, even share his bed with two of them.

Of course Valentin likes to play with him. Pets are good for children, they learn them to take care of others. He loves our chickens too.

And the discret one : Knacki

And this is my monster

My Sammy.

This is my Weimaraner dog.

His name is Bond.

My three-legged beast! :smiley:

Ringo, the magnificent neurotic beast:

Cuteeeeeeeeee! :LOVE:

Puggy pug!!!

Husky madness



Playing Diskgolf in Oregon


Darlene Duck

An old friend that warmed my heart!

Aww was he born that way?

learned on the human hand


Resurrecting this one.

This is my cat, Mimzy.