BLF Q8: Mini-review with X-Ray Image and Diffuser

Yes Tom, that’s what I meant. A great big over-tightened central screw that does nothing at all useful. The only thing holding the MCPCB tight against the shelf were the other two small MCPCB fixing screws, which in at least one of yours, weren’t even doing that. The only thing pressing anything together would have been the bezel/lens/O-ring.

Edit: take a careful look at the X-ray, It may be that you can see the MCPCB being dished by the central screw, though to be fair it looks so gross and obvious that I must surely be mis-interpreting it.

Edit: and take a look at the lovely fit of the threading from the tube to the head. And contrast that with the crappiness of the tail cap threads.

Beautiful radiography by the way, forgot to say that, really nice and useful. Hospital or industrial ?

Medical x-ray unit, imaged during system “testing”. Required about x6 more exposure than an 18650 tube light (55kVp/30mAs).

As it’s still raining here in Brisbane, preventing outdoor beamshots, I thought I’d get an indoor beamshot instead!

Nice pic!

^ Thanks. A few more photos coming soon…

I have to admit that when I was comparing the Q8 against the L6 indoors (for white wall beamshots) I was a bit underwealmed. Yes, it is brighter, but not by a huge degree. However after using the Q8 outdoors I was amazed with the Q8’s ability to turn night into day, and such a nice neutral tint too! It’s great to have so many lumens in a light that doesn’t take up half my camera bag!!

I would like to know where did you get your VTC6 button tops….

From Aussie eBay seller supersports600. I don’t know if he ships internationally.

Tom has the NarsilM v1.2 BETA cooking and it will have a modus with momentary on.
Maybe it’s usefull for light painting?
And Toykeeper said she will have Andúril for the Q8 .

Nice review.

I was being a bit picky complaining about lack of momentary in the Q8 as it isn’t really a tactical light. However having momentary as an option for Narsil would be great, especially for 18650 tube lights. I probably should contribute to the Narsil thread.

Hi StephenK
Thanks for the review

The X-Ray sure provides a different insight (like what I did there?)

I wouldn’t put it past you not having a spare CT scanner lying around - look forward to that review!!!

Ha, I do have a CT scanner, but can’t justify the radiation use. The x-ray images are taken during routine tests, so have to x-ray something.

Some outdoor beamshots taken last night with the BLF Q8. The Q8 was only on approximately 33% output!
Warm white Convoy S2+ used for a bit of foreground lighting.

And great nightshots too - very skillful

Thanks. I had to use the Q8 on only 33% output so that the cloudy night sky would not be over-exposed. The Q8 on max is quite a revelation!

Niiiiiice! Thanks for the nice review and shots. Can’t wait til I get my hands on one of these, unfortunately mine are still on the slow boat from China and I don’t expect them to arrive for another 4 months or so.

Nice review, Thanks.

Great pictures too.
I also practice vape and lights too… and spend quite some time watching the evolving and intricate structures revealed by an intense beam of light.

The X-ray shot i saved for reference. It should be printed on the Q8 box IMO. :smiley:

Another photo with the excellent BLF Q8 on full power, with Fenix AOD-L diffuser. 3sec exposure, f/14, ISO400.

Nice picture Stephen!

You are right the values for modes in the two manuals are different. I changed this in the new cheat sheet. And I added also a few notes for starters.

Could you add this line in your review somewhere at discrepancies between these two manuals ?

(A newer version of the cheat sheet is under )


Done (in a few minutes)!

Thank you!

After rereading your review:
A newer version of NarsilM v1.2 has a momentary mode. Activated by 5 clicks. There is no command to stop this mode you had to disconnect the battery. So you can morse really fast.
If you can flash firmware you should try it.
Thread NarsilM - configurable e-switch firmware for Multi channels, v1.3