BLF Q8 New Handle...

Here was a brain fart of mine to post few pictures of my New Handle that I made for my BLF Q8, and as it stands right now that is not possible for me just to post pictures stored on my device, seems like they need to be hosted somewhere else to be of any use, too much for this old fart to deal with.

Since the first idea went up in flames here is the other one:

Is there anyone else that wishes to be able to purchase a handle for their BLF Q8, I would love to be able to get the one that is attached to Sofirn SD01 Professional Scuba Diving Flashlight. I have looked and searched and can`t find a place that sells just the handle.This handle just looks awesome and would be a perfect companion to our Q8, what do you think ?
Perhaps we can organize a group buy? or is that a bad idea?
Yes there are times that some in my circles think that I have fallen of my rocker and this may be one of those times however when things tend to fall out of your hand for no good reason you start to look for solutions…
The home made handle is working fine it`s just that Sorfins SD01 looks like it belongs on our Q8.

EDIT:add pictures, as you can tell still have no idea how to do this properly, still need a lot of practice or just leave it to folks that have a clue since I have`t got one….

Is there a way to post pictures here from my computer? Thank You racoon city for your guide.

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Shoot off a PM to Sofirn on here and see if you can grab one directly from them. Can’t hurt to ask I reckon.

Aguassiss, I did something similar years back to an M6 Supfire. The possibilities are endless. Hope you can eventually figure out how to host your pics. :+1:

How to Post Images on BLF

@toddcshoe That`s a good idea, got nothing to loose and he just might ….Just PM Sofirn, lets see what happens.

@Streamer Yes, Thank you for sharing, I love the idea of re-purpose and how you used it to create something beautiful and useful.

@raccoon city Thank you for the guide, will give it a try …
Gave it a go and I`m less than disappointed at the end result,way too much for my pea brain….