Blf Q8 upgrade

Love this light, good mix of food and throw but I’m after better.

Can anyone help?

Sorry should have been more specific, I’m after more of everything I guess so touch more spill, better throw, longer turbo/ high before having to step down.

I find the Q8 great for Dog walking, but I’ve had it a while now so feeling the need to upgrade.
Don’t want an Imalent, too many faults for my liking.

Actually how does the Haikelite Ta devourer fare?

There has been talk of a Sofirn Q8 Pro with XHP50.2 emitters. I doubt any of the Fireflies lights would beat the Q8’s heat handling and sustained output.

Yeah the Q8 is beefy enough, but I’ve got the lanyard just right so I don’t have to hold it just let hang on in there.

So not much on the way of developments.

What about the Haikelite mt09r?

A Q8 upgrade makes me think of the sofirn SP36. Same output and price range, a little smaller and lighter, with onboard USB charging, which is a big plus to me - forget cells handling and charger, just plug like a cell phone and recharge from a USB AC adapter, power bank, car, solar panel…

The Emisar D18 or Fireflies ROT66 Gen 2 are pretty neat soda can lights. No USB charging.

The Astrolux MF-01S is great but a tad bigger then a Q8. No USB charging either.

The Haikelite MT09R is surely an upgade but costs three times more and is on the big and heavy side. Do you need that much light to walk the dog, or is it just for fun?

It’s more for peace of mind, it’s bit of a dodgy area I walk through.

try making your own like me pulling 43+Amps at the tail unreal turbo, you just need emitter swap

Interesting, though I’m not really a modder.

Currently looking at the Astrolux mf02s looks gorgeous.

Having to source a rubber seal for Q8, as mine has now split.

You could ask Sofirn for one, they are often willing to sell spare parts. (their email is

Thanks, did ask on Facebook but didn’t get much of an answer.

Right ordered torch, Astrolux ft02s, 7k lumen from 4 sst40’s can’t wait.