BLF Sabre......

I like the design, but not the switch. Seems too small, and it won’t easily and automatically/instinctively align to the thumb while holding the light.

such a cool project, I would be interested in one.

Please put me on the list for one :D :)) :D

No but seriously, put me on the list :|

Well, I’m not trying to “speak for the masses” just letting you know I’ve been around this particular forum for a few years, and I’ve seen lots of topics and opinions about those topics over the years. It is not my opinion, but my observation that there are only a minority on this site that want or need firefly mode. As I said, it is technically possible already with BLF designed hardware and firmware. So why don’t any of the BLF designed lights implement it? Because it isn’t a priority here. That’s all I’m saying. You have every right to like it, want it, need it, whatever. But that doesn’t change the facts.

Here’s an idea. Use the search function. Find how others have modded their lights to have a lower low, and do the same for yourself. Actually, start by poking around the Firmware Repository thread. ToyKeeper loves low-low (firefly) modes and has implemented them for her own use in many firmware revisions, and she owns and maintains that thread as well as the repository itself.

Most modern firmware have multiple mode groups to choose from, including a “muggle” mode that is capped at a lower-than-max level. You have nothing to complain about here. If you have 17 modes to click through, and you don’t like it that way, it is literally your own fault at this point.

If you are not speaking for the masses as you claim and this is just a group throwing ideas around, then you still shouldn’t have opened your mouth. You seem to do a lot of that. Giving unsolicited advice and thinking it’s right. It’s an idea phase and it’s not your job to spew your drivel. I have used the search function many times to find what I need instead of asking questions that have already been answered. I actually pay attention.

I never asked why BLF designed lights don’t implement it. I noticed most multi emitter lights don’t implement it well. I really don’t care what you think the priority is here. HERE isn’t where most of their lights are sold. I know you think yourself and BLF are responsible for all flashlight sales on the planet but, we just aren’t.

Your right I do have the right to want it or need it, and I have the privilege of voicing that here. But your pure attack on something you don’t need and thinking you are something special that can speak for the majority here, is getting old. Quickly. It was much nicer when you were making threads begging for free lights.

I’m done with ruining this thread because of your elitist nonsense. Go pull this crap on CPF or something. Any response by you will not be responded to and after this point I won’t see any of your ridiculous post anymore anyway.

I apologize to the other folks on here who have had to read this crap. This is a great looking light and I will keep up with it’s progress.

Wow…I’m concerned. This flashlight has the power to make people argue. Imagine if it’s mass produced and it starts a nuclear war? That’s horrible. What am I going to do with all my Big Mac coupons? :person_facepalming:

Peace guys.


Electronics have come a long way, to the point that the button interface could be all things to almost all people. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s changed by the same button. I like to see some kind of limit through a physical act to access change.

Example….you want to go from ramping to 5 click mode? Unscrew the head then re-screw it on, you have one minute to access and change settings. This should eliminate any muggle “I pressed it 27 times by accident and I think it’s in bomb mode”. Of course, it’s in normal mode on start up and one has to go through some sequence to access other modes. The only difference is the setting of a time limit.

Just a thought.

Yeah, some people get upset pretty easily it seems. Sorry about your Big Mac coupons. :open_mouth:

This is one cool looking light. When can I buy it :wink:

Guess I am the only one who doesn’t really dig the design here. Maybe with more fins or something, dunno. As it is, it remindes me of a cheap toy for children (that’s not meant in an offensive way - it’s just what I feel). I guess it’s just not my style, the vast majority here seems to really like it though! :slight_smile:

If you fin the back of the light how will you remove the head from the body?

The back is ribbed. The 6 fins are attached to a cap. Cap is screwed to the battery tube. Battery tube is attached to the hand. Hand is attached to the elbow.

I got it all worked out. :confounded:

The finger bone’s connected to the hand bone,
The hand bone’s connected to the arm bone,
The arm bone’s connected to the shoulder bone

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones,

HaHaHa! Rude points! Err… I mean… “Reported Post” points! Err… something…

So, I politely countered toddcshoe’s assertion that this light really needs firefly mode, and that lots of people need/want it that way. Furthermore, I said that it was possible with current BLF designed driver hardware and firmware already and suggested he could mod a light to get what he wants. He attacked me for whatever reason, then said he was going to block me. All of this is just a few posts back. Anybody can read it by just jumping back a page.

So, I’m guessing that he’s the one who hit the “Report” button on two of my posts in this thread. (I don’t know that it was him, but I’m pretty sure it was.) Full Disclosure: I did mark “Report” on THIS post of his because of his actually attacking me for whatever reason. So, maybe he decided to “get me back” or whatever. :person_facepalming:

toddcshoe, you need to learn to talk in a civil manner about things without losing your temper. If you weren’t such a jerk, you might remember that it wasn’t that long ago that I agreed with your idea to make a BLF special with low-low modes being a primary feature. Crazy Idea. BLF Moonlight Special Flashlight. - #18 by DavidEF


Spartans, sorry for the interruption (again). I just needed to get that out. Hopefully toddcshoe will “Report” this post also, so I know he read it. :smiley:


Okay, now to get back on topic. I really like the fins on the head, but it is my sincere wish that you do not put any of those fins on the tail. I like the size, shape, and color of the light as is. I only would like to see 50% more fins on the head, and a slightly larger switch button. I’d like the light to be built to the scale of the renders you and Andrew have shown, with a 21700 cell size tube. Obviously, these are my opinions, and you’re free to choose whether to take these suggestions on board or to summarily dismiss them. :innocent:

Thank you for bringing this design to us. I’m glad you and tatasal are in talks, and I’m sure a manufacturer will rise up to make this light for us all to enjoy and they will have it done for sure before Christmas. I’m just not going to try to predict which Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

One step forward……

What is happening is that tata has contacted a major manufacturer that is interested and I have another major one who may be interested too.

Meanwhile, with both manufacturers, they have products that mostly meet what I and mostly “we” would like to see in the Sabre so it’s only a matter of casing design and adopting it to their existing line of machining/assembly. In theory, this could move fast……or not.


Meanwhile, back at the cray-cray factory on top of my shoulders, I keep wondering where are the material limits to more and longer. Why not 100k lumens? Where and what can be pushed to the limits? In fact, I love to get an opinion from the forum experts on the bleeding edge of led temperature limits and circuit design.

I have a cray-cray design that is revolutionary….

I like the design a lot, and the switch seems to work for me on the blue host but not on the black though i can’t put my finger on exactly why, and i want to twist the head so the switch lines up between 2 fins instead of being inline with 1 of them, but i like it! I’d have one each of the blue and black.
As for specs i see a 21700, single emitter light with a beam profile similar to an XP-L HI based C8, 5700Kish.


21700/18650 support.
Single emitter light with Samsung LH351D 80CRI 5000k.
CC 5A FET driver/DD FET driver.
Dual BeCu springs for absolute highest current
NarsilM/Anduril support
FET switch for tailswitch driver

When Andrew rendered the design. it wasn’t a “final” one and I had a more utilitarian one in mind. But it seems that sleek look has attracted a lot more attention then I expected. I don’t know how viable or cost effective it is for production. If it is, I could redesign it, at least for that segment, but I don’t know if they want to produce it.

To clarify things here, I’m not paying Y dollars to make X flashlights. I’m not a retailer. It is a design that I can work with them to make it production feasible, but ultimately they need to make a profit.

I’m working on the switch. If I can, I will put a flat spot and in between the end of two fins. Plus a bit recessed to keep it from getting damaged.

As for the specs, pretty close to what you wrote. Plus USB charging and a few other features. The end it would be the manufacturer who has to decide, but obviously they would have to meet “we” the enthusiasts market expectations….unless they want a stylish door stop.

Can the Samsung get up to 3500 lumens? Why am I designing a better mousetrap if we can’t get it to roast one? After all, the ideas origins was better cooling.

And why 80 CRI? Can’t we get better?

Tail switch? TAIL SWITCH? :confounded:

Nyet to the tail switch. :person_facepalming: