BLF-SE EDC Host Specifically for Triple LED Builds?

Has there been a special run of BLF EDC hosts specifically for triple builds? Or better yet, just a Convoy - compatible triple head?

1) Separate pill design - but no need for actual pill since there are many spare pills available at Fasttech, Aliexpress, bang Good, etc. Or a buillt-in shelf design but with a thick shelf for more heatsinking.

2) Slightly enlarged head so the outer portion of the triple Carclo lens isn’t covered by the bezel. Instead of the Convoy 24mm diameter head, maybe 28mm diameter?

3) Short as Convoy S2+ (sub-5 inch length or about 124mm long) so the same spacer/heat sinks currently available (from RMM and others) can be used.

Basically, the overall host would be a Convoy S2+ with a slightly larger head. The same Convoy accessories like the clip would be compatible.

I would also prefer a stainless bezel ring so it looks nice and the LED/driver assembly can be accessed from both sides of the head.

Is or was there such a host or Convoy-compatible head like this out there?

Kinda going off topic, but what’s the problem with the outer edges of the optic being under the bezel? It doesn’t block any light or affect the beam, as far as I’ve noticed.

Also, I don’t know of a project like you describe.

1) All hosts comes with the pill and not all pills are compatible with all hosts.
2) Even if the carclo is being covered a bit on the edge it would not affect the performance much, but if you want total clearance you will have to use a convoy M1 or similar and use a custom spacer.
3) Same as above

Convoy S3 uses a SS bezel ring but I’m not sure how would the spacer fit in there while retaining waterproofness.

Here in BLF we have built countless of triple in tube lights and I don’t think the carclo not being fully exposed has been a problem at all, some even managed to fit a quad into convoy S2 and alike.

My suggestion is just built it, you won’t be disappointed!

I always thought it did block the outer portions of the beam but I could be wrong. Or maybe the effect is minimal?

You also don’t need a 28mm head to fix this.

The Carclo optic is exactly 20mm wide. When I modded my DQG Tiny III into a triple I had the problem that the opening in the bezel was also exactly 20mm. The optic would fall out unless I used an o-ring or slightly wider lens on top of it to hold it together. I ended up using a 22mm acrylic lens on top of the optic. Worked great and no part of the bezel covers the optic.