(BLF) Sofirn Q8 V1.5: The XPL HI monster, DIY parts + Extended 8x18650 tubes GB Interest List

I’m new to the whole Q8 train. I already had too many lights similar to it to pick one up. But now that I’m getting a couple of the lanterns, I’m very interested in a super Q8+ as long as the tubes will be lantern compatible.

I’d take (at least) an updated Q8 and one extended tube. Depending on costs, I would probably get 2 of each. Most likely, I’d get at least two of each. I could see picking up 3 or 4 of the updated lights (I love giving these as gifts) and 2 extended tubes overall. I really like the carriers, btw.

So add me to the list for one extended tube at the moment. If anyone has a guesstimate on the cost for tubes and carriers and such, please let us know.

Thanks, Larry

This thread started as some phantom Q8 1.5 and extended tubes only got brought up after pages and pages of unrelated comments. The video is buried in the middle of this thread on a shady Chinese site. No price point was released, people are confused about what a “pair” means or how they should order. My point is even failed group buys of lights that never came to be had a lot more organization and contribution from the manufacturer. Kind of a half hearted chance if that’s all they want to give it.

Maybe they (Sofirn) realized it’s “Not Real World Worthy” in the big scheme of things….

4 series….

Interested in a extension tube for the blf lantern

I am also interested in an extension tube for the up-coming BLF Lantern.

So now the plan is to build a new Q8 and the parts will not be compatible to the old Q8 versions. So instead of upgrading your Q8 and make it more usefull (more runtime or more power output) for a ~small price we get a new more powerfull more expensive Q8 v1.5.
From Sofirns side this may look like the right financial way. But i am sure this will not sit well with a lot of people.
And i agree. It did not help to not set a price point (hard to decide if you are interested if you do not know what it will cost). The Vids with a clear statement if the tubes will fit the old and new Q8 . . . belong in the first post. And like someone said the interest list would probably be bigger if the BLF lantern were available and compatible.
Make things compatible and people see the added value (and are more open to spend a few bucks ).

I have more the impression they want up profit margins with the Q8 V2.0 rather than implementing a Q8 V1.5 with an extended tube.

I mean, at 40-46,50$US, the margins on the Q8 are not too high.

However, at double the price, possibly even 100$US, even if you change the emitters for XHP50.2s and with a FET 2S driver extended 8x18650 tube, the profit margin will be quite a bit higher.

I’m fine with that, if it means we get the extension tubes and they are compatible with at least the Sofirn Q8 and the BLF Lantern and are available sold separately. It would be nice if they made tubes for the BLF Q8 as well, but if that had to be dropped in order to proceed with the rest, it’s understandable.

Yeah I can get this.

But Sofirn basically has to make extension tubes for the BLF Lantern. This would be the best addon that would exist.

Is there any chance at all they could at least do a limited run? Like, only make enough to satisfy the interest list as it stands? I would be okay with paying a reasonable price that allows them a profit.

But we need to give it a new start, not stick with the Q8.

If you still think extended tubes are worth for trying, I will check the samples quantity. Maybe sell these with a great price as limited product?

Do you read minds over the internet David :wink: ?

Put me on the list for an extension tube for the BLF Lantern please :slight_smile:
NOT for the Q8

I would def be in if they sell the samples. I see a very small chance to use my Led4Power Q8 ledboard :sunglasses:

Woah, woah.

Do you know how many 18650s you’d need to get 8 hours of continuous 5000 lumen output?

Even if you were to use XHP70.2s P2 binned with horrible tint shift, at 175lm/W(counting optic losses), you’d need at least 30W of output, and that is not counting driver efficiency.

That means you’d need to about a 240Wh battery pack.

A 240Wh battery pack is about 24 Samsung 30Qs. You’d need 24 18650s to run at 5000 lumens continuously. You would need 6 extension tubes. That would be insane.

Let’s go over what we want in the Q8 V2.0.

1. Extended tube/carriers included. Extended tube would be best for low complexity and lower cost. 2S-4S buck driver to 3V LEDs would be great.
2. Stock tube. Would work, but runtime wouldn’t be stable over the course of the whole runtime.
3. Higher thermal mass. The main problem with the Q8 is low thermal mass, not thermal dissipation. Giving it a bigger heatsink would be nice.
4. Better springs. Easy peasy. No need for bypasses. Just put in dual BeCu springs.
5. More efficient emitters.

That last one is problematic if you want to stay in the 3535 footprint.

I was just putting a number out, still very much new in the flashlight modding game.
But that was just what I was interested in, considering the success of the GT And GT70, I wouldn’t doubt the success of the project.
Thank you for the updates though! Definitely a lot of work for a hobby!

But you’re telling me I should put in for 3 orders of the extensed tubes should they ship them? Very seriously speaking, but me in for 3 BLF Q8 tubes please.

4 xhp 35.2’s at 12v (4 cell) hmm near on 4 hours with 26650’s, maybe 6 hours with 8 x 18650’s. close though.

175lm/W? Wow, that is a pretty big number. I was getting closer to 111lm/W if we used 4 x 70.2 at 1250 lumen (8v x 1.4A = 11.2W or 45W total) to get 5000 total lumen and this is NOT counting optic losses. This is using Kof3’s measurements of a P2 bin 70.2 4000K. (The xhp35-HI might need about 51W?)

So maybe you would need closer to a 320Wh battery pack which is 32 Samsung 30Q cells or 8 extension tubes.

As far as efficiency in Lumen/Watt, bigger leds are always better assuming they are modern design.

I know this is off topic, but how did you get 175lm/W? Maybe I’m overlooking something obvious.

I thought that some Crees were a bit north of 200 lumens/watt?

EDIT……and I’m curious. Where exactly does one use 5000 lumens in an emergency? Lighting up a small town?

I’ve fooled around with lumens needed to function in the kitchen. About 300 is good enough to cook with. Less to eat. At work, six well placed 250 lumen bulbs in 40,000 ft are enough to get around and see intruders. Note though, ceiling and floors are either white or very light gray.

At lower currents, not when you cook ’em.