(BLF) Sofirn Q8 V1.5: The XPL HI monster, DIY parts + Extended 8x18650 tubes GB Interest List

You guys are very optimistic. This hardly seems like any further confirmation that they will produce anything, maybe even the opposite since they still dont see the benefit

Not really “optimistic” so much as “desperately hopeful” because some of us do need these extensions for some of our lights!

diffuser you wished is coming!


Looks good. I’ve been wanting another Q8 diffuser cap. :slight_smile:

Now if I can get aliexpress to let me create an account…

Huh? You’ve had problems with creating an Aliexpress account?

Yeah… not sure why. I’ll have to see if I can get it to work in another browser or something. So far though, I can’t create an account because it says the account already exists. I can’t recover the password because it says the account doesn’t exist. I can’t check out as a guest because it says the account exists and I need to sign in. And these things happen even with brand new email addresses I created just for this purpose. It’s quite buggy.

So maybe a different browser might work, or I could make a brand new google or facebook account just for the sole purpose of signing into aliexpress, or … something. I’ll figure something out.

Yo this guy got a sample months ago. Why not just drop the final release?

Nice cant wait

what led is in the thor fire Q8 ?

Cree X-PL HD V6 3D (approx. 4.885K)

:weary: waiting

I got those Q8 diffusers in, and very nice fit! Maybe not perfect, perfect though. I think you can still get them a little angled off. Ideally you want an inner ledge to align to, but still grabbing the top of the light tightly.

Sure doesn't seem like the batt tubes are coming at all now


I asked Sofirn today. They still plan to produce the extension tubes but they still have no capacities left. Their new flashlights have highest priority.

Well, that’s (sorta) good news. I’m really hoping to buy at least two sets of extensions, maybe more.

Interested in one of each type.

Is the new Q8 available? Wither either/both emitters? I’d probably pick up at least one of each.

Sorry if I missed things, when you search for Q8, one or two thousand posts come up.


So is this on the permanent back burner?

Sofirn brought up the possibility of doing a small batch of the extension tubes on their Facebook group. Whoever still talks to Sofirn should mention it now so it actually has a shot at coming to reality.

I guess they will produce the BLF lantern now. :weary: Maybe if the extension tubes could be used also for the lantern their priority will increase?!