BLF style 18650 1s thrower( poor mans Olight M2X)

XPG m8, e2s are too weak, 219c cant be dedomed properly

For most XML woild look great overall , especialy considering the lumen/candela ratio

Is the reflector base broad at the led opening like the HD2010 which caused no end of shorts?

Yes, thats why i suggested a mcpcb at least 26mm, otherwise the reflector quality is quite decent, as good as a Convoy C8


ordered another one and i saw the guy bumped the price

HD2010 is the 26650 version of this light ? I mean same reflector size and not so pricey in general .

Yeah m8 but i dont like it, especialy now when L2 came to being…plus Y3 is better.

Actualy, the right thing to say here is that this one is the 18650 version of the HD2010 :smiley:

For the price we can get it, its a great offer, there is nothing else in that price/reflector diamether range: i mean nothign else that good , or even modding worthy

There are others yet they are a total crap unfortunately…or at least i havent tested anything decent

Can you still buy Y3’s for a decent price ?

Thanks Mitko.

I love it ….the price keeps going up .

oh the madness of it all…

US $14.65

Ordered one 3 days ago but seller hasn’t shipped it yet.
The demand was higher than stock I believe, Mitko blew sales:-)

Just ordered. Nice find Mitko! I still got a few Y3's - don't know where to buy one though. The last batch of Y3's I bought from GearBest was a disaster - beat up, scratched up - worse condition of a light I ever saw, packing was awful. The Y3's finish is clearly true low budget. If heavily used, they come back to me in a pretty scratched and worn off state. When you could get them for a good price, was still worth it but I don't think I'll buy anymore unless the quality can be improved.

FastTech has them here for $33:, but a good price on them was $25-$28. GB has them at $23 list, out of stock for a long time now.

Aaah damn, t seems that FT rised up the price, the last time i ordered Y3 from FT it was like…25$? 33…a bit high i presume

Actualy the seller seems to be a bit jealous and kinda strange too :slight_smile:

I asked him about a wholesale price of 10 and the answer was( copy/pasted):
” Hello Dear, i offer 18.81$ per latherna , good for you, good! You pay aditional 80$ US dollars for DHL , okay? Great for you

And ofc he maybe joking, but i have never seen a chinece person joking so far….

If he plans of 20$ for a torch…well, i will pass….14.5 is still a good price for it

It might be a ZY-T08 alternative, since it is out of stock in most places. There is a gap between C8 and L2 and I would like to find a moddable thrower around 25$. Any ideas?

This one is the exact match for that gap i believe…lets hope they wont ruin it with either quality or lack of production

I’m confused.
The reflector looks much bigger than 52mm diameter.
Do you have some dimensions for us?
The AE listing doesn’t give the sizes.

Here in the OP:, HD2010 listed as reflector I.D. of 52 mm. Matches Mitko's measurement exactly. So 63.9 mm head for an HD2010 - this light should be at that, or close.

Funny, that HD2010 thread was the HD2010 standard reference. Back in the day, 500 posts were huge, big league Notice the prices? Over $40 list. $30-$35 I recall was a good price for that light back then.

Well it has a chunky head indeed yet the reflector is 52 mm for sure, an exact hd2010 match

Actualy the same torch appeared like 2 years ago priced at 40$ but …40$…come on :slight_smile:

15$ with that quality is quite a different story( with original emitter and east 92 driver): reminds me of good old BLF days, thats why i posted about it

Ofc they can always ruin it( liek zoomie ZeusRay, do you remember?) , something so typical for China goods

HD2010 accepted only low profile 17mm drivers, this was the main issue. Also it had space for 20mm pcbs but the manufacturer had opened 18mm space only and used 16mm pcbs, this was often causing short circuit with the reflector.

Thanks for the size confirmation.
I was thinking Jacob A60 size, but that’s smaller.

Very cool. Nice host for a great budget price.

I bought one on ebay the 9th.

It arrives tomorrow