BLF tank E07 died

I set it on low and was going to see how long it was going to last on the tf flame protected 14500. i had it on for maybe a half hour then noticed the light turned off. i was laying in bed so i figured maybe the batt was low. i tried it at work with a alkaline aa with no luck. had it on there for abouit 20 mins no light but the cell was warm. tried another 14500 tf that i know works on xeno e03. still no light. i held it up to my ear and could hear a buzz for a second but still no light when the batt makes contact.

anyone else experience this.?

Maybe the tail switch is shorting, mine have an irritating buzzing sound in the tail even on eneloops, maybe the 14500 is just too much.

it did'nt buzz when it was working and could hear the pwm hum on low.

now that its dead i hear the buzz for a split second that the batt makes contact.

Mine have a buzzing sound in the tail once battery made contact even when the switch is turned off and no light emitted. So wont be testing 14500 battery as it will definitely kill the light.

"Tank007 E07 BLF Edition" Specification:

OSRAM LED emitter
"Neutral" bin color
3 modes:
Mode 1: Ultra low, 1 lumen or less
Mode 2: Medium, 40 lumens
Mode 3: Maximum output
Supports 1xAA NiMH, Alkaline 14500 Li-Ion Battery
HA-III anodizing
Tail-stand capable
IPx8 waterproof

Here comes the cherry on top of a cake, "The BLF Lanyard"!

so is my warranty voided then.?

Nope it is supposed to be able to take 14500. I believe Jim is already adressing issues with Tank007. Maybe you should contact him.

waiting 4 jims reply. everyone should probably hold off from using 14500s. it was on low when it died.

My light was working ok for the last week onh6 14500s and died again last night so i opened it up today. its got green thread lock compound so it takes a little effort to open.

the little spring is the positive contact and the brass pill was loose. after tightening and putting it back together its working again.

Mine was acting real stupid finicky .. trying to play dead (playing possum)and a 14500 lmr woke it up everytime it acted dead on a AA battery .

Mine was strobing with one nimh but stopped once I tried a different type of nimh. I noticed I have no gap when using regular alkalines too