BLF17DD Moonlight very close to low

I just put together my ultrafire F13 with the BLF17DD driver and an adapter ring, but I noticed my moonlight brightness is very close to what the low setting is, pretty much indistinguishable, and a lot brighter than I really wanted, any reason for this? I can only compare it to a QLite Rev.A I had that had a much lower moonlight, using XM-L2 led and same batteries.

There is a risk that going to low with the moonlight setting will make some emitters not light at all so people who sell drivers have to set moon high enough that it’ll for sure work regardless of the combo of parts (even using the EXACT same parts with the exact same settings & same PWM level for moonlight there is a variation from one driver to another), if they had the light and cared to guess and check a few times it could be made lower.

If you want the lowest possible moonlight you’ll have to start flashing them yourself (or maybe you are already?) then you can test out what the lowest PWM level you can use to have your exact combo of parts light up.

The number/type of LEDs used also affects the minimum PWM value that will work and how much light that lowest workable number will make. There's unfortunately no 'one size fits all' firmware.

That was my idea of it, thanks for the help and explanations. I guess I’m just a little disappointed since the qlite had the perfect moonlight for me, both being with the same binned xml2’s.

I really should get into flashing my own firmware’s, but I’m really holding out hope on the led4power driver, then I might not need to get into it just yet at least.