BLUECOLT DV4 Video Flashlight

OK, who’s taking one for the team with this Home Depot light?


1 8v battery = 2S lithium pack?

Spending somebody else’s money in action?
“Bluecolt flashlights have been tested in fire department burn simulations and have held up amazingly well. ”

Five hundred dollars?!
No mention of resolution or using an sd card.
I could build one with a maglite and 808 keychain camera. But who needs a camera in a flashlight? Keep you camera separate, hide it on your person and you can record when its not dark out too.

But with this you can discretely record up to 4 hours of video, with sound… Discretely while pointing a 11 inch light at whatever you are recording… Lol.

Edit: and pictures! says its only VGA (640*480 25fps), only 4gb “nearly 4hrs” of built in memory. Pure junk. Massively overpriced.

Discretely… with a image of a microphone on top.

Hello 1987.