Böker Magnum : Several Enlan knives - coming soon


Described as 440 stainless steel blade.

Clones of a clones :D?!

Probably a re-badged Enlan EL-01 made in the same factory.

Very nice colours.

Well I wouldn’t pay 31.95€ to get an Enlan in those colors. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious to know what customers will say about the Böker proprietary evil-triangle-pivot-screw ? >)
And the Böker Timberman is the “fake” SRM T08.

Böker is describing it also as a 440 steel blade, not as Sandvik 12C27.
Is the SRM T08 really what it is claimed to be ?

You can combine an Enlan EL 01KH and a EL01B to get the color (with the right tool).

On the first page are shown 12 knives and 4 are from Bee/Enlan.

And if someone buy EL01B + EL01KH to reassemble them like the Böker, it will still be cheaper. :wink:

Be sure that if it had been 440C steel, Böker would have mentioned it in full letters.

440 means nothing. If it is 440C, they would state it. I wonder if the Chinese makers who claim 9crmov and whatnot are telling the truth. My SRM knives seem to hold a decent edge and are a far cry from the total junk SS I grew up with but I have no way of knowing if they are telling the truth.

It means that it is not 440C. :wink:

The chinese 9Cr18Mov steel’s composition is the closest (but not equal) to 440C and we all know that the “best” Enlan’s steel used is 9Cr13Mov.
The Enlan EL01, EL03, EL06, L05-1 and M011 (and probably more Enlan [*]) knives rebranded by Böker, are 8Cr13Mov steel.

The knives manufacturers are sometimes a bit evasive when they do not want to “devalue” the (image) “quality’ of a product that is already limited.

[*] = On this page, there are 10 knives with a reference format that start with 01ELxxx, several are not sold by exduct but are probably made in the same Enlan’s factory.

I wonder how many people over at bladeforums will start knocking Enlan for copying Boker :stuck_out_tongue:

Rebranded Enlan Knives - RUI energy:


face palm…for multiple reasons.