Bonjour ! Hi ! from France ...

Started with a 9 led dx-like 3€ flashlight ...

I bought a romisen rc-29 and a eoslamp sp11 .

Thanks for your precious opinion ...

Bonjour !

Welcome to BLF.

The Romisen is a very nice budget torch. I don't have the eoslamp, but have been pondering the purchase - it looks to be very nicely-made.

There are several members here from France, as well as a few from Belgium. Where are you from, in France? (J'ai passee ma jeunesse aux environs de Bruxelles)

Bonjour monsieur le hugo. C'est un nom espagnol n'est-ce pas?

Lampes de poche belles que vous avez commandé.

javais pris part ohs echange deleves ou jappris sucoter desescargots :D

i have the RC-29 too!!, even with 3-modes and 14500's support

can i make you buy anything from dinodirect? $)

Hello! Welcome! (And Kreisler, couldn't you lay low for a few posts at least! Geez!)


Aloha and welcome to BLF hugo_carlito!

Welcome again, hugo_carlito.

Welcome hugo.

Welcome to BLF!

Just be aware that what started with $3 might end up to (at least) 33 x $33 here. ;)

Bonjour, Je suis Candy