Boost driver for XPH-35 Hi?

I want to mod a few lights with the XP-H35 Hi emitter, which is a 12V emitter.

Ideally, running with a single 18650 or at most a pair of 1865’s or even pair of RCR123’s.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for a suitable 17mm driver outputting 2.5A or better?

Will be soon released

By who / where?

By Lexel on BLF.

Is there a thread about this driver in development? Will it fit in a convoy C8? What current from a single cell? Wow, this is awesome and I'm excited.

There are more comments in the following posts in that thread, mixed with discussion on other drivers. If you want the most info, read the thread to the end.

Yes, it will fit C8.
Any current XHP35 will survive.

I have build first Prototypes but did not find the time to do tests

Ok, thanks.

Sorry to drag out this old thread.
Did the boost driver ever got completed?

I’m looking to replace my XHP50 with an XHP35 fot better trow in my convoy L2.

a 2 cell to 12v boost driver @ 2,5 A would be great. So far the best I found is modding the H2-C 22MM from kaidomain, but it has a fixed stepdown and I don’t know if it can be run reliably.

The GXB202 powerful, but also incomplete in it’s 20mm form.

would appreciate it if someone could steer me in the right direction.