Boruit Headlamp Review D10 (aka. EHL0628) - King of the Budget Headlamps?

So, what size MCPCB does it use?

I’m tempted to put in my last SST-20 3500k inside of it, so buying one would be very nice to swap it in.

A 20mm with positive and negative wires on the same side. A 16mm fits fine, though.

He was asking about the mcpcb. That is the metal core printed circuit board that the LED mounts to.

could someone explain the differences between the 3 linked lenses? im after a pretty floody beam. seems like 60° is what people usually get… saw that there are 90° and 120° options for a couple of them.

at a couple bucks a piece, i can get a few different ones.

this will be my first light “mod” if you will. do i need anything else? o rings, etc? assuming im going to have to sand a bit off of them, and it will be obvious what needs to be removed. thanks!

Forgot i had bought this light, that just came in the mail.
With a little modding this really is a great budget light.

Comes with a horrible XM-L2 angry blue LED. Swapped out the star with KD 20mm MCPCB. Due to the layout i had to extend a wire.
Reflowed a XP-G3 R4 8A3 2700K on to it. Oh my rosy goodness that emitter has a nice tint :heart_eyes:
And with a little sanding, the Convoy optics fit perfectly.
Mine came without a magnet, so i glued one on.

The anodizing is as expected from a ultra cheap light, very thin. And the machining has left some sharp edges round the bezel. But me being me, it was in for a sandpapering anyways. So those edges are now round and soft :smiley:

For a light it’s pretty good. And with a few mods it’s absolutely awesome

I finally got a Boruit D10 from the official Boruit store on AliExpress: Boruit Official Store.

I received it quickly considering it came from China and was impressed right away. I recall reading all the (mostly) good reviews about Boruit and my expectations were surpassed. It was very bright, the head strap and headlamp attachment was comfortable/secure and adjustable, and the firmware was easy to use. There are enough levels for various tasks and the strobe modes are well hidden. The output appears to be constant, certainly much better than my cheapo Rayovac headlamp where the brightness annoyingly changes based on battery level.

I bought it planning on replacing the LED and lens, but after receiving it, I would’ve been happy as is. The LED was good and bright, but a little too cool white and narrow for what I wanted. I replaced it with a Nichia 319AT D440 70+ CRI 5000K and a 60 degree TIR lens.

Getting the LED out of the headlamp was very difficult due to the thermal adhesive, but eventually it came out.

The Nichia LED seems to be as bright as the original, but with better tint and color resolution. And the 60 degree TIR lens does a great job spreading out the beam with no hotspot. I am very happy with how it turned out. A great headlamp for around $15!

Totally agree with you i42dk!

It is believed to be a clone led, not a real XM-L2.

No. This flashlight has a FET driver, so the brightness will change as the battery runs out.

ive seen a lot of people say that this is a great light for its on sale price, but not its full price of ~$16. the problem is, i check pretty often, and havent seen it drop in price. where do you guys watch for sales/codes/etc?

Correct, the driver has two (parallel) FETs with current limiting resistors to control the output. Driver pic and runtime charts here

PS - I swapped the MCU on mine for an attiny412 running RampingIOS. It’s a direct swap in for many/most of the D10/D25 headlamps. If anyone is interested in doing that to theirs, feel free to PM me.

It’s still a bargain at $16 because no other light comes close to it price wise.

at $16, id rather spend a bit more and get the h03 which i find to be worth the price difference by a long shot. i have both lights and the boruit leaves a lot to be desired. h03 is great out of the box. but id get another d10 if one went on sale.

That’s like $30 when on sale. To me, that’s more than a “bit”. Plus it’s an L shape design with no built in charging. Then you have that single click On, press and hold for Off nonsense. No thanks. Lol

idk why you are arguing what my preferences and opinions are on a purchase im going to make. its not like you are going to change my mind. at $16 i dont find this to be a better deal than a h30 for my uses and preferences.

im also not in a hurry to buy it, so why not wait till it drops in price like it has many times in the past? im just looking for a spot to catch said deals.


During major AliExpress sale events, it does drop pretty low - the light alone will be about $9 around their annual November 11 sale event.

awesome. that $10 price tag isnt too bad either. ill keep an eye out around the 11th!

Sorry, bad choice using constant to describe the output. I meant to say that my cheapo Rayovac headlamp has very annoying steps when the output drops, but the D10 seems very linear and not noticeable.

Does this light have the motion activated mode like the RJ02? After a emitter swap I really enjoy the RJ02. So did my one of my brother in-law’s. He’s a mechanic and not a flashlight guy. You would have thought he struck gold when he found out he could wave his hand in front of it to turn it on.

I thought the RJ20 was the only one that had it, but I might be wrong.