Boruit Headlamp Review D10 (aka. EHL0628) - King of the Budget Headlamps?

It is a completely new custom FET+1 driver with indicator led support made specially for D10-D20-D25 and compatible with ToyKeeper’s “Spagetti Monster” :smiley:

I baked clone of this and it turned into a nice Green color :heart_eyes:

Also covered yellow pattern on headband with acrylic paint and sanded down to fit this optic

Do you have to take the internal out to bake it? Is there a step by step guide! This is awesome ty!

Wow, that looks very nice!
My D10’s arrived yesterday and was looking for a TIR that can fit.Size of your TIR from fasttech is very close to the size of the original reflector, gonna buy a couple of them for sure :smiley:
Thanx for the link!

Only difficult thing when modding this light is getting the wires between the fins within the batterie tube.It’s almost impossible, I had to grind them away a little bit…
How do you guys doing that?Also, what kind of wires fits best?AWG28?

Silicon 24awg fits perfectly.

BTW still have some drivers for sale. Anduril or improved Zebralight like UI. 11$ shipped

When I get into driver swaps I may hit you up for an Andril!

is there a link to more info?

this Anduril driver, does it work with AA?
does it have a sublumen level?
does it fit an AA Tool?

No, it doesn’t work with AA. It’s just a regular FET+1.

“50000LM XM-L L2 LED ”

Wow! That’s wild. A fake LED, too?

Should blind a geezer in nyc. :+1: :beer:

What are you referring to?

Thank you very much for the helpful info.

stay safe and enjoy!

OP posted page as site he got his lite from

Looks like different light

Oh. You can’t really post ebay links. They seem to last a couple months at most. I’m surprised it didnt go to a error page. It was accurate when posted, though.

This probably belongs in the no stupid questions thread but any chance someone here knows if I can re-flow a 3535 LED with the stock PCB? Struggling to source any 3535 PCB that’s not overpriced. The answer is probably no but just want to make sure first.

MCPCBs should be plentiful and not overly expensive. But no reason you can’t reflow a new LED onto the stock one. Just be aware that many of the models seem to come with 5050 LEDs like the XM-L2.

Yeah I was just hoping to avoid spending on expedited shipping to get it ASAP rather than on the slow boat. Anyways thanks gchart :beer:.

These headlamps come with the 5050 size mcpcb for xm-l, xhp50.2, or sst40 size emitters.cpcbs are available stateside from Mountain electronics. I dont know if Richard lists them individually, but you could email and ask for some. 3535 size is for xp, sst20, Samsung 351, size leds.

all of d10s i had had glued mcpcb, after i prayed them out they were bent and mostly unusable. not to mention, they are cheap al. non direct path stars, i would not reuse them. that is besides the fact that stock stars are for xml size led, you can’t reflow xp size led on that star even if you remove it clean.

The key is to use needle nose pliers and twist the mcpcb. Don’t pry it. Then it comes out fine. Since it’s not a high output light, the stock stars are fine.