BOTH SOLD Copper Olight S1R II Eternal CU NIB LIMITED Edition

Still sealed in the plastic.

$SOLD usd shipped for the Eternal
*SOLD *usd Shipped for the Warrior
Paypal Friends or add 3% goods. PM me for paypal.

pics below

PM sent

I’ll take BOTH is still available.

Both still available.
Sent PM’s to both.

Price drop on these everybody.

Open only for trade possibilities on copper, or newer USB chargeable lights.

You have been blocked. Second time you have been a non responder on my sale posts.

PM sent

Just spent MORE MONEY on much more limited edition lights. I had same courtesy and blocked you as well.

Btw, I own 2 of each of these Olights you are selling so NO LOSS to me.

Just to confirm, all have been replied to and BOTH of these great lights are still available! :money_mouth_face:

Received the M2R still in plastic! Everything was in perfect condition, thank you!