Both sold! NIB Emisar D4 sst-20 4000k and 5000k. Flashed with your choice customized Anduril

I bought a few D4's to see which color temp I wanted, the rest I planned to modify and sell.

Sohere we are! I've got an sst-20 in 4000k and an sst-20 in 5000k.SOLD Both black, with your choice of optics between the 10621, 10622. The 10622 is stock. Both lights are currently stock UI, but I can flash Anduril with your custom modifications for an extra $5.

The lights are both available, separately or together, for $40 a piece plus shipping. Preferably CONUS, but I'm open to international shipping.

The to on the sides are spoken for, the two in the middle concern this sale:

Here they are in their boxes: