BOX-O-LIGHT HID/LED Entry (Handmade/Scratch Contest)

I am getting this thread started with my build. I am stuck between two ideas and I might just combine them Wink I hope you guys enjoy it!

The parts I have purchased for idea #1 is

4300K HID Bulb H3
55W HID quickstart ballast
14.7V 12000mAh lithium pack
HID H3 Reflector 5”
Thick glass lens
Waterproof charging plug for lithium battery
AC charger for lithium battery

I am contemplating how I want to approach this but I have a couple different routes

UPDATE 5/27/14

I added a few more supplies to my list and finished my build!

Cree CXA3070-0000-000N00Z450F
6V~40V to 0~36V DC Digital Control LED Constant Current Driver Power High Power
DROK 120W 12V/24V/48V 10-32V to 35-60V DC Converter Voltage Regulator Boost Charger Car Power Supply DIY
Monarch Metal Parabolic Reflector for All Nova Strobes, Phaser Strobe and Vibration Strobe
Mini DC Voltage Meter – 2.5V to 30V – Red Digital Readout


Originally I wanted to do a HID build to be a little different then others in the competition. Around the same time I ordered parts for the HID build I ordered one of the CXA3070 LED’s from Mousers. I found a Voltage booster and a programable CC/CV board that could handle to 40V up to 2A…. producing over an estimated 10,000 lumens. So i thought how about make a combination build, the HID would be for distance while the CXA will be used for flood. In the ammo box you can carry it using the hid but if you need to set the light up as a work light, you pop open the top and raise the CXA Wink

Build Process Pictures

Picture of the glass lens in the 4” circle I cut out of the ammo box. I purchased a hole-saw set off ebay which of course didn’t work lol. I had to drill 1/4” holes all the way around the 4” diameter hole. Then I took a small air compress saw zaw and cut it out. Then I took a dremel and grinded the edges smooth. I then spread JB Weld around the circumference of the hole and laid the glass lens over top.

This is the HID I used JB weld to install to the original reflector. To position the bulb correctly I installed the parabolic reflector inside the bigger reflector.

This is the CXA LED I attached to a heatsink for a PT-54 Red LED. I had a plastic reflector I used from a walmart rayovac $4 6V flashlight. The reflector left a noticeable darkspot in the center, the light actually does nicely without any reflector.

This is an older shower head that I used to hold the CXA LED and act as an adjustable arm. It even allows you to rotate the CXA LED 360 degrees. It was too long so I trimmed a 4” section out of the middle and used a little JB to put it back together Wink To attach the shower head to the box I purchased a 1/2” NPT end plug which I epoxied to the side. This allowed me to screw the showerhead right to the side of the box.

Here is a side view showcasing the Voltmeter for the battery which is activated by the red momentary push button. Bellow the Voltmeter is the weather proof charging port for the lithium battery AC charging adapter. The HID is turned on by the red covered saftey switch.

Here you can see how the HID, Reflectors, and Lens came together!

The black switch is used to power on the CXA LED.

Here are some shots of the inside guts! This is how everything fits inside lol

This showcases the 360 degree swivel :wink:

Now for some night shots! I am using a Canon S110 in manual modes with ISO 800; Shutter Speed 1/4”; Focal 2.8.

This is just the HID and then another shot zoomed in.

This is the CXA LED with the same camera settings.

So here is a Ledil Angela S reflector I purchased from mouser and modified to fit the CXA.

Now I finally decided to try out my lux meter! I brought out some other lights to give a comparison. I measured all lights at a distance of 3m. If I am correct I multiply the reading by 3*3=9 to account for the distance.

All light pictures were taken with a Canon S110 in manual mode with the following settings.
ISO=800, Shutter Speed=1/60”, F=4.0

Supfire M6 3x XM-L modified with R027 resistors. In High mode.
320 * 10 * 3 * 3= 28800 LUX

TK-75 3x XM-L2 modified with a R017 resistor. In turbo mode.
1457 * 10 * 3 * 3= 131130 LUX

FF4. In 60W mode.
308 * 100 * 3 * 3= 277200 LUX

Box-O-Light HID
1434 * 10 * 3 * 3= 129060 LUX

Box-O-Light CXA LED without reflector
460 * 3 * 3= 4140 LUX

Box-O-Light CXA LED with reflector
769 * 10 * 3 * 3= 69210 LUX

As you can see the reflector makes a huge difference with this CXA LED… Over 65K Lux!

This Box-O-Light doesn’t blow anything out of the water but it stands it own against some two of the most repsected lights we have come to love.

There are heat issues with this LED…. The heatsink was definitely not even close to what it needed. So I started a side project which I would love to incorparate into this build. This fan cooled heatsink does the trick :wink:

Here is some night shots to compare between the lights

Camera Settings: ISO=800, Shutter Speed=1”, F=5.6

Supfire M6



Box-O-Light HID

Box-O-Light LED without Reflector

Box-O-Light LED with Reflector

Hope you’re not still stuck. In the end just pick one and do it. It doesn’t have to be pretty to qualify but it foes have to be finished.

Thanks for the encouragement! I have my idea set and I am waiting to receive the new battery. I got switched to 2nd shift (2:00pm-10:30pm) a couple weeks ago and it has thrown a monkey wrench into my free time, but i’ll get something built in time.

Here is a picture of my gathered supplies (minus the battery)

Awesome , looking forward to it Marc. Good luck!

Looks like lots of fun bits. Whats the lens of?

Looks like a porthole…

Hey guys I finally got time to finish my Box-O-Light…. Enjoy!

Awesome. What a beast. Very nice.

Holy smokes!!! :open_mouth: look at all that flood on CXA… dang I need to consult with you about building a CXA bike light :bigsmile:

Nice job ! :slight_smile: looks very “military” and definitely powerful.

Appreciate the compliments guys there are still a few things I am planning to do. One will be to put a micro fan on the cxa heatsink to help keep it cool. I also want to place one in there for the hid.

I'm glad you finished the light. An amazing effort and one slightly out of the box.

Could you tell us the weight of the flashlightbox?

Bright at as a day , awesome work, for the win!

Really neat idea. A little large for a bike mount :slight_smile:


Nice work, cool light.

that is a cool build, the only none led light source in the contest, so far. love the flood, reminds me of space shuttle cargo arm.

Just wanted to say. Great work! I love that idea. Super cleaver use of the shower parts! I think that you used a box designed for .50 BMG round storage. I may be wrong. Cool idea. I have a few additional name ideas….Shower of Lumens. Or Box of Lumens.

Or maybe box of Old Lumens.