Boyhood flashlight

@ CRX,

Yes, I’d forgotten about those!
Thanks for the Memories.

Splott-Light :slight_smile:

+1, i had a couple of those Duracell’s………

Is it just me, still today where ever i go and there are “torch’s” , i have to have a good look over them. Checking the packaging and descriptions etc etc………Same when away camping, any hiking/camping shop, have to always check out the mags,swiss army knives and what ever goodies(with crazy inflated prices!).

In the early 70’s I received a Sanyo Cadnica flashlight for a birthday present. Internal NiCAD batteries and a flip-out 120v power adapter. Mine was either very dark green or black.

One could argue that it was this that started me down the dark path to flashaholism, armed with proper illumination! :smiley:

My dad gave me one similar to this in the mid 1960’s. I was 12 or 13 at the time.

I remember my dad having a very old incan on a 4,5 v battery

I used to have an old thin walled steel flashlight which looked like this one;

I Remember that I moded that light when I was way younger with a 9v battery and a 6v kripton bulb, it was shockingly bright but did not last long, Remember showing it to my father when he had just bought a 3D maglight and I told him mine was brighter, he said sure it is son… and turned on his light, then I turned mine on and he was like WTF!!! Priceless!!!

Did many a thumb curls with this one.

In the old days, we used to walk around the shallow flats just off the coast (called “torching” in Hawaii), armed with 3-prong spears and floating lanterns like this:

Hunting for octopus, sleeping fish, etc… Lost a few to poorly tied knots, much to my father’s annoyance.

This was my favorite light when i was young. It was one hell of a thrower, and it had an adjustable focus switch.

The most popular light when i was kid

I still have this green Rayovac flashlight, i remember playing with it as a kid. I don’t know how old it is but it is probably from the 90ies, all plastic and works with 2AA batteries. This was the first flashlight i ever had.

just found one of those in a box of stuff from an estate auction.
fair condition.was going to see how many 18650 could be packed into it and what led.
yes “restomodding”is alive and well.

mine is a 60’s rayovac “sportsman”
still have it but the reflector has seen better days.

Mine was a red 2xAA maglite. Used it until leds came out and I somehow got the tailcap stuck.

OMG you found one…… your so lucky. Im hoping someday to find one. It wasnt the most practical light but if you needed power and distance it had it in spades for the time. Im not sure it couldent give some of todays throwers a run, not in overall brightness but in pure distance.

I have one of those from when I was a kid sitting in my box of random flashlight parts; my plan is pretty much the same as yours, convert it to Li-Ion and put in some sort of LED (s).

When you finish please share the pics, i think that would be awesome to see.

My dad had several of these WW2 TL-122 surplus Army 90 deg. lights.
Unfortunately I played with them until I lost or broke all the pieces.
It might be nice to mod one.

WWII light