Brandnew Ultrafire U80 XM-L T6 1x18650 750 Lumen

Just bought a Ultrafire U80 XML-T6. I thought it would replace my Fenix TK12, but i do not like the 5 modes and i miss the cigar grip ring. So i decided to buy a bigger one maybe a solarforce M8.

Price 30 Euro + shipping costs (actually located in Austria), and i should get a nylon holster this week.

  • Brand: UltraFire
  • Model: U80
  • Emitter Color: White
  • Total Emitters: T6
  • Voltage range:2.7V- 4.2V
  • Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650/17670 (not include)
  • Switch Type: Clicky (Clickie)
  • Switch Location: Tailcap (Tail-cap)
  • Modes:5
  • Mode Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory
  • Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Fast Strobe > SOS
  • Lens: Coated Glass Lens
  • Reflector: Aluminum Smooth reflector
  • Other Features: Stainless steel crown, HA-III Anti-scratch finish, IPx8 Waterproof finished
  • Comes with landyard and spare tail cap and O-rings

It´s really bright and it pulls 2.8Amps from a fresh battery at startup. In Highmode it lasts for 65min (Soshine 2800mah).

Comparison to my Fenix Tk12

Welcome fuinzelfreund. Hope you have a good time here. I do...

That looks interesting at a sane price.

It appears to have a decent amount of spill as well. Where did you order it from?

Thanks mizjif, I thought it looked very familiar. I think KD sells a generic version or something very similar if I remember the thread correctly. I need to start bookmarking these damn things. LOL

Yeah...It's a stealth listing.

It would be even better with a Foyerised Bezel.

@Tas62 it´s just Q5... manafont has the T6 version of it:

@mizjif yes, i ordered it at manafont.

Let me say i was really impressed by the build quality of this flashlight, it did not expected it. The light is extreme bright on HI, and even on MID (rated as 300Lumen) is equal to the Fenix on High (280Lumen - 245 ANSI Lumen).

But i love my TK12 (its really "build like a tank"), and so this lovely ultrafire would be just standing around in my cupboard. And this would be a shame :), so if someone would give it a home just email me.

I think I could do something with that. Maybe just take it down, make it a little less aggressive.

Acknowledging my opinion has not been solicited on the matter, I must say . . .


if you look at the emitter you'll see that it's much too large for an XRE. Like the listing the specs are for a completely different light to that pictured.

Which makes your light $3 US more.


KD are welcome to it........dodgy specs and all.

Welcome to BLF :) Thanks for the information on this light, looks good!

Hi there funzelfreund, a warm welcome to BLF!

Thanks for this quick link and product review.

@ edc & Flashlight Foy :good idea.

I made the bezel a litte bit "smoother"... i like it more and more. I think i will not sell it any more

Oh, wow.

funzelfreund - This really is a nice place, despite loudmouths like me.

That actually looks pretty darn good.


I forgot to say: Thanks for the warm welcome.

The "Foyzel" turned out very nice. Should came like that stock!

I really like that bezel mod! Just enough crenelation left on it to see if it's turned on when it is face down (about the only thing I like about crenelated bezels).

Oh, and welcome to the group!!


What's the distance to that tree in your beamshots. That's one heck of a bright hotspot on the U80.

Here is the Ultrafire U80 copy $20.95 + shipping