Breathing life into an old HD2010, what mods?

Let me apologize first for the ignorant questions. I’m a torch novice and have yet to try my hand at any sort of modding. I’ve got a tired HD2010 that I thought would be a good candidate.

From the reading I’ve done, it seems like a polishing of the mating surfaces and copper braid on the springs is a must. Is larger gauge wire from the driver to emitter a must? I would also like to upgrade to a warmer emitter. The XM-L2 seems like an obvious choice but where is a good place to buy a XM-L2 on a copper die? I’ve been unsuccessful in finding an AR coated lens for the HD2010, is there a good source for this item?

Are there any other mods I should consider?

Thanks for the help!

You don't just want a copper die (mcpcb), you want it to have a direct thermal connection. You should probably swap the driver too. Older HD2010's were direct drive, which is great for output, but many of the more recent ones were not, which means low output and those damn blinkie modes.

You can get all your parts from

I would definately dedome the led if I were you, the HD2010 is by definition a thrower and dedoming increases the throw dramatically. Here is a link to the best ar lenses around (by general consensus). I believe the hd2010 takes the 59mm (somebody correct me if I’m wrong, I can’t measure right now.)