Brightest Flashlight in the WORLD ? !

Claimed to be the brightest flashlight in the world... I believe it !

20,000 portable lumens, enough light to start a fire !!

Wow,incredible!cinema projector?

WTF. Thats crazy. I want one

Kudos to him for wearing eye-pro!!!

saw this a while back surfing the depths of youtube

Very cool indeed! (…well, maybe not cool if it lights fires!) :wink:

I’ll take it! Paypal addie please.

Yeah, sure. When you’re 2.5km away from it.

Still not enough safety gear since still broke arm.

Or when you’re actually on the moon

Or when you use it to illuminate the moon. (That's a real moonlight mode!!)

[Ceiling bounce - Hah, for kiddies! Moon bounce is what real men do!]

I don’t trust the pictures, they seem like taken with >5 secs exposure.

But nevertheless its a powerful flashlight