Brightest single 18650

Fireflies E07 or emisar d4v2 or something else?

Yes, those, although the E07 also fits a 21700.

Are you looking for flood or throw?
Imalent DM70 for throw. Actually not 18650, but 21700.

Buying a light solely on the highest output number is like buying a car the goes the fastest .

That might mean it has no suspension or can't go around a corner or has horrible brakes .No radio , stupid design , ugly shape uncomfortable seats,loud and no resale value .

The inverse square law clearly states that for a light to appear twice as bright it needs to increase output by four times . So what might look like a brighter light on paper probably will never be seen visually .

i didn’t know about that before . its interesting fact anyway.
but it is also good to know what is the end game product in market i think :d

If you put Luxeon V in an E07, probably that would win. My D4 is brighter than the stock E07s

Find this beauty if anyone interested

Now I feel a “what car would this flashlight be?” thread would be fun :smiley:

So I have a D4S with 4000k 95cri sst 20 leds and the tint is the best I’ve ever seen or had, but on the d4v2 im about to order sst 20 5000k leds as I can’t justify 10 dollars for a hundred lumen gain.

Anyone have input on the sst 20 5000k tint?