Brinyte C5 vs C9 ?


New guy here, just wandered over from CPF. I like this site. Seems to be a little more up my alley. Anyway what are your thoughts on the C5 vs the C9 re: throw. Also, has anyone owned any Brinyte lights for any lenght of time? How do they hold up? I have never owned one. So far, of all the budget lights, I like Trustfire the best. I have two tr-c2s that have been with me for a couple of years now with no problems.

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Hi Rick

Welcome to BLF. It's good to have you here, I hope you enjoy your time here.

I went looking for both those Brinytes but couldn't find them at any of the usual suspects. I've never owned a Brinyte light so can't really comment.

I'd say with all the budget manufacturers you get the occasional gem - the Ultrafire UF headlamps come to mind and the stainless steel C3, but a lot of other lights which may, or may not be easily fixable.

My Romisens have all been good - but I disliked both the RC-G2s I've had and gave both of them away. They were decent enough lights, I just didn't like them.

Trustfires have been a mixture - my most recent Trustfire had problems but they were eventually sortable. See my review of the S-A6. But I love stainless steel lights. My (sadly lost) Trustfire F22 was probably my favourite light.

The F25 stainless steel one I'm not so keen on. The Tr-801 which I got very cheap wasn't worth what I paid for it though it donated its reflector to another light I like a lot.

The Aurora SH-032/033/034 are excellent lights, but not the SH-035 - these are all stainless steel lights. The SH-034 may be the best made light I own from over 140 lights.

Our tastes are all different though and what does it for me may not do so for others. I like aluminium Ultrafire C3s despite their proven issues - I own about 10 of the things and on a good day 6 of them will light up.

Hi Don,

Thanks for the quick response. I was looking at the Brinytes here:

Thanks for the links. The C9 is a Raidfire Spear clone. I have one of these with a Q5 in it. It has a very tight beam and the highest throw numbers of any light I own. I also have a pair of XM-L emitters waiting at the Post Office and plan to transplant one into this light tomorrow night. Then hopefully I'll be in a better position to say. With the Q5 it essentially has little or no spill - it will have a lot more with an XM-L as I doubt the reflector has been redesigned for the new LED. It might be a little too single-purpose for some people though. Depending on what they ask for shipping, that's a really good price as the RQ thrower from KD costs more than that with a Q5 in it. I also have one of these with an MC-E in it which already has a 2.8A driver in it so it may get the transplant first.

The C5 appears to have a similar design - again it is the sort of reflector big and deep enough that you could mix drinks in it. Either should be good as throwers but until I've tried it, I've no idea of spill.

For a general purpose light that should still throw well, I'd take a look at the C7 which is a Lumapower MRV clone.

But as yet I couldn't really say.

There is a comment here about an RQ with an XM-L in it.

Hope this helps

Indeed. This one looks sweet for an XM-L (Lumapower MRV clone)

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...shenzhen-wholesale a place to look at lights that you can't actually own . Add a large percentage to your order for shipping .. they do have lots of lights

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Well I guess there are a few parallel threads going on about the xmls from shenzhen. For those interested I just got two shipping estimates: $35 for DHL and a disappointing $19 for HK post. $19 on a $20 light ruins it for me. Yeah Boaz, I didn't realize it was going to be a 100% increase in the price, I was hoping for maybe $8. Oh well. If I see them somewhere else I will post the link.

Thanks again for the responses.