BTU MINI Titanium Alloy 18650 CREE XPL Flashlight

BTU MINI Titanium Alloy 18650 CREE XPL Flashlight
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Promotion price: 45usd


Size: 95mmx24mm
Material: TC4 Titanium Alloy
Emitter: CREE XPL 1A 6000K CW / CREE XPL NW 5C 4000K 16mm pcb
Driver: Digital current regulation driver
Battery: 1x 18650 ( Unprotected) (not included)
Titanium Netweight: 55 gram

> Hold 0.5 second for on ; hold 0.5 second for off
>Click once to change mode;
>Double click to access Turbo mode (Will step down to high mode after 180 seconds)
Current: 10mA>600mA>1.2A> Hidden turbo 2.8A; Current Regulation

Turbo mode>850 Lumens (Step down to previous mode after 180 seconds)
High mode>300 Lumens (5 hrs by 3400mah Battery)
Middle mode> 80 lumens (19 hrs)
Low mode: 3.5 Lumens (350 hrs)

Anti-discharge protection
Digital Currenct Regulation

Waterproof: IPX6;

Accessories: SS Clip ; O rings , Nice light Diffuser, Gift Metal box

Dealer price ;Please contact sales manager.

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Looks like a real sweet Ti light! No strobes- Good. Reversible clip- Good Straight forward UI- Good. Nice Runtime- Great!

Almost a titanium DQG…

My wallet hates you. :money_mouth_face:

Is the bezel glued on? This thing looks like it could use a nice floody TIR for my needs…

That's bitchen! I want one!!

Is it TIR lens or reflector? No memory? The diffuser included?


I like it!

Is mode change in descending or ascending order?


What accessories come with light?

It’s a reflector.

Does it come with a centering ring for the XP-L version?

Beam seems to ringy if it is a reflector. It might be similar to dqg mini


The bezel is not glued.


TIR lens, No memory start from Low mode, Diffuser included.

Hi Burgh

Mode is Low>Mid>High—Double click Turbo, Always start from Low mode.


Accessories includes white Light Diffuser; Spare TIR lens ; O rings ; Tin Gift box

Dose anybody like XPL Hi Emitter? Throw will be better.


XP-L HI emitter would be nice. Also, does this use separated MCPCB or LED is integrated into the driver like the DQG tiny?

It use 16mm MCPCB for better-heatsinking.


I want one!!!

… so much that I actually just ordered one with neutral white emitter.

So much want in this thread!


Thanks for the reply, one more question though. Is the TIR a common size one like 20mm? I would want to replace the stock one with a floody one. Thanks!

Very cool. Direct access to low and turbo. Titanium looks fantastic as well.