BTU MINI Titanium Alloy 18650 CREE XPL Flashlight

TIR size is 21mm.


Dear sirs

Anybody like 18350 size Titanium? We have plan to make an 18350/16340 body for this flashlight to make it shorter.


YES, would this be interchangeable with the 18650 body then?


Yes please! 18350 version would be lovely :sunglasses:

Welcome back Ric! Its great to see yet another very interesting flashlight from you. Pending review, I’ll buy several.

As we had discussed earlier, have you given the BTU Shocker II any more thought?

Yes, of course. will have a smaller clip for 18350 body too.


Dear FlashPilot

Ric gave a lot of ideas for it. But he is not in the company for several months.I am not sure when he will be back.We are working on an 150W BTU shocker sample.This project goes a little slow. For more details,you can send me emails.

Good news is BTU CREE XHP35 HI 26650/26350 Pocket lights almost in production.


i will wait for 26650 version :smiley:

Perfect. Especially if you will make the 18350 tubes available separately to those who have already purchased the 18650 version. :beer:

Hi Freefly

Thanks for your points.

No problem to supply it separately for the people already bought it. 18350 tubes takes 1-2 weeks to be finished. We will inform here when the body is ready.


Sounds like an interesting light, do you have any pictures you like to share :slight_smile:

Could you supply 5000K 3D NW tint?
4000K is too yellow for my taste

Same here. Nice light though.

Tailcap lockout doesn’t work I think. Any options to prevent accidental turn on?

@ prisma zelee

We will try to source some 5000K NW tint from the led supplier.

Need to hold the switch 0.5S to turn on, which can prevent accidental on. The tail can not lockout.


can share some sample photos. maybe next week. :slight_smile:

Thanks look forward to it :smiley:

How long would it be with a 18350?

Werner, the original light is 95mm long, so I am hoping the 18350 tube will take it to 65mm…. This would be very nice!

Trits options would be nice. :slight_smile: