BTU Shocker - $150 - Includes a future $50 credit to your Account

Nice deal on the BTU shocker

$150 gets you the flashlight and a $50 credit to the website.

Like getting the BTU shocker for $100!!


Also brings you to VIP status, which gives you a 5% discount on future orders.


I would buy one instantly if I wouldn't have one already! Great promotion!

This is like spending $150 to get $200 worth of goods!

Great promotion.

I couldn’t figure out how it works. Ric or someone should chime in here.

After my order, he emailed me and said:

Im probably just going to order an x6 with the credit and have them packaged together.

I responded to his email with that statement

Gonna be a whole lotta’ lumens in that box!

If you used your $50 credit to buy another one for $100 then do you get $50 credit again? The 2nd would only cost $50 then.

Wish I didnt already own one as well.

Hmmmmm, birthday Feb second, btu shocker £67…….oh no….


Oh man....must resist...hell, no I mustn't. I simply don't have the coin at this time. That solves that!

Go for it Gords!!

Ok, shopping carts loaded up to the tune of $196.50, I need to sleep on this as Mrs gords will kill me….

Wow,good deal too bad I'm laid off ATM,otherwise this would have been on it's way.

Neither do I bro, trigger cannot be pulled till next Thursday. I may have slipped a dry driver into the cart too 0:)

is the dry driver the better one to get for the shocker?

I believe its direct drive on turbo J)

Mine just arrived today. What a beast! Makes me appreciate how small the king is. It triggers the protection on my Xtar 2600s, so it’s pulling some serious amps. Luckily my Tenergy’s work. Too bad I’m at work all night the next 4 days :frowning:

I knew these would drop in price pretty quickly

I received the TBU Shocker latest week.
Amazing light, heavy and solid.
Simply but working very well.
I upgrade with the DRY driver for more than 4.5 A (per LED).
I’m very happy with the TBU.
Maybe may I say this stuff is for men only, 1,2 kg with 3 protected cells of Panasonic 3100 mAh.
The head of the TBU impressed me as most. I think the same as Fenix TK70. But with CREE XML-U2 gives the TBU more lumens. The reflector is heavier than the Fenix. TK70.
The choice is up to you. Read more reviews to make a decision
The for guys who make a very nice reviews….

I forgot tell you something:
Paid 152 USD send by DHL…. I must pay extra for taxes (35 USD)….It’s okay.
Friday ordered, reveiced next wednesday!

Easy, give me the one that you have. Then you would have a reason to buy one instantly! J)