BTU Shocker Mod - XM-L2 U2's/SinkPAD's

Just briefly here - upgraded a BTU Shocker to XM-L2 U2 (1A -1C or so) for rdrfronty, nice results. Please note it has an AR lens installed:

On Panasonic PD's (FT) w/magnets on neg. end, fresh: 3,760 lumens @30 secs

On KeepPower 3400 KumaBears, fresh: 3,644 lumens @30 secs

On same set of KeepPowers from above after 1 min of time on batteries: 181 kcd

This thing is scary, a true beast to be afraid of.

There may be a few Q's coming, but these numbers I feel pretty confident in from previous lightbox measurements (many), though I know it's not a perfect setup for sure. Also, the lumens was actually rising a little during the first 30 secs, then settles at about 45 seconds, then slowly started dropping off. SinkPAD's are doing their thing, and 20 gauge wire, Arctic Silver 5/Arctic Alumina epoxy, polished surfaces sure helps.

The only thing I've seen close to this is my mod'ed J18 at 5,000 - 5,500 lumens, but of course no where near the throw of the Shocker.

I'm wondering how much loss is coming from the battery carrier though, and if Pana PD's do that well, how would Samsung 20R's do? Or the new Sony 30 amp batts (short run though )?

Absolutely awesome results Tom! That’s something like a 22-23% increase in lumens and a even more in throw. Sounds like you got the focus dialed in nicely too with the big throw increase.
Your attention detail really paid off. And it’s nice to see that it is holding its numbers good, much better than before. Those copper Sinkpads and quality thermal paste are certainly doing their job here.
So you have made an already impressive light that had roughly 2900 lumens and 700m throw, to a even more staggering 3644 lumens and 850m in throw. That’s on Keeppower 3400’s like I usually run it on.
I can’t wait to get this beast back in my hands!

Nice job !

You guys are going to force me into a Shocker purchase with all of these awesome mod threads.

i know right! this btu might be on my wish list now….unless, hay tom E, can this same mod be done to a fenix tk75?

yeah… that will be very interesting.too bad Fenix glued everything :Sp

Nice job there Tom E. Its amazing what a small change can do for the big picture.

I find it a bit surprising that also the more high end manufacturers fail to do the obvious to get the most out of their designs, what would it cost them, a few dollars on a 100+ dollar light?

What? Who wants to buy something that can't be made better? That would take all the fun out of it.

very nice mod tom - i am regretting selling my shocker actually… if you ever want to unload that thing you know ill give it a nice home :slight_smile:

Yes - sounds like LockTite sealed for the TK75, but of course, that hasn't stopped us before. I and others did the Crelant 7G9 ( I scratched mine up some), others (_the_ and a couple others) cracked open the TN31. But the TK75 will have it's limits - smaller reflectors in diameter and depth. It's probably pretty tweaked now, for the XML U2's though - it's an outstanding quality design for it's size.

Where can I buy the AR coated lens that big?

I got mine from Olight… The SR90 lens fits perfectly. Kudos on the upgrade. I had this done a few months ago. I absolutely love it.

When has a light being a great design ever stopped you from making it even better? Lol. With the smaller head I know the same results as the shocker would be impossible but going XM-L2 U2 on sinkpads could very well net 3500 OTF and 125k cd putting right up there with it’s much more expensive brother, the RC40. If you ever get bored or curious. Just sayin’.

What is the MM of the lens? I know a bunch of glass companies that i work with maybe i can get a batch made up!

Agree bout the TK75, it could made better. For the Shocker, If I had unlimited resources and tools/skills, I'd take weight off that reflector, as much as I could by milling/drilling it down, then replace or layer on top of the pill top a copper heat sink, thicker, integrated tight to the surrounding aluminum. Now you got a framework to work with - great reflector, size, and proper heat sinking. Then you need a driver to go 4.5-5A per LED with boost - no auto step down. 3 18650's won't last too long though, so, extend the body to take another 3 batt carrier, and get a side switch on it. That's All, You're Done!

i like the way you think!

If I remember correctly, about a 95-96mm would be about perfect. The stock one and the SR90 one are both about 93mm. They work ok, but have a fair amount of play.

I put this 96mm UCLp AR Acrylic Lens in my BTU with no problems…

The 59 mm UCL/p fits both HD2010's and Small sun T08's (got one on each) - I like them, would be better maybe with glass, but flashlightlens doesn't make the big UCL's.