Budget 18650 protected?

Hey guys,

currently I own two flamed trustfires with 2400mAh and I want two more.. any better value out there or should I just order them again?

Thanks in advance :)

You might want to look at the TrustFire 3000mAh instead. It looks like there are some TrustFire 2400 in lower quality on the market now, you can check my comparison.

These Trustfire Flame 3000mAh's at Manafont seem the best budget buy for now based on recent reviews. Seems at least some newer 2400 Flames are not holding up like they used to. That's my 2 cents. I'd spring for the 3000mAh's.

EDIT - Dang HKJ! You beat me to the post!


3000mah flames recommended from me also..they hold up well to high drains of xm-l lights from all the data..

Ordered. Thank you. :)

My current flames are pretty new.. so they will work perfectly in the smaller lights.

@HKJ: I read your comparison a few days ago, and I really appreciate it when people put that much effort in their hobby, because it's definately a lot of work you put in there.. but for me as a beginner (and I bet there are lot more out there^^), a recommendation for good budget 18650 would have been nice. Just like you did here. :)

The actual comparison is not really the right place for recommendations, especially because it is far from finished yet. I have more than 15 batteries in queue and data from 4 finished tests lying around. If somebody asks about recommendations in the comparison thread, it is another case, a post with recommendations in that thread is fine.

If you read the individual reviews, there is no doubt about the TF3000 being good. I do write a positive review and there is a lot of positive comments.


is there a possibility that you put these cells into your test?



Thanks HKJ. I am also going to get some of the TF3000 Flames as soon as this Chinese New Year's holiday is over.

At the current time: NO

If you ask me when I have published 20 more battery reviews (i.e. in about two months), the answer might be different.

The only batteries I add to the test at the current time are the ones send to me from manufactures and shops.



@HKJ: You should have the "battery guru"-rank or sth like that. ;)

Thanks for your input and if you say the TF3000 are a good value, well, then they are.

Why take a chance? The version reviewed by HKJ was from Manafont and the price is better at $11.70/2 or $5.85 each. I've got 2 delivered 1/26 ordered on 1/19 - just missed the CNY shutdown.

The shop isn't a free shipping shop. You add it to your cart and 1-2 days later you get an email with the shipping cost.

If memory serves, powerwholesale is allied with bestinone.net - one is the wholesale part, the other retail. When bestinone were having issues with their webpage a while back, it was suggested you use powerwholesale instead. I have used powerwholesale without issue (to purchase IMR cells that I would otherwise have purchased from BIO), but cannot comment on whether all their products are genuine. Looking at the details, while powerwholesale are selling these batteries as 'one unit', I don't think that means that they are selling the cells individually. I think 'one unit' is a pack of two cells. If that is the case, then the price is cheaper than Manafont, but as stated, you do pay postage, so the saving isn't as big as it looks - assuming that there is even a saving after the postage has been added. As cells from Manafont have been tested, it does seem the safer bet.