Budget AA battery deal - Maybe more for CPF , check out this deal !


Wow ! who's got money burning a hole in there pocket ?

ill be starting a new thread shortly , you'r sure to like it !

Yeah, they seem a tad overpriced.

But to be fair, the same seller has 2 x 18650s (2400mAh) for $1.32 so that might offset the NiMHs a bit


I would hope that it is an error. That is absurd.

what u talking about those are nuclear powered batteries S)

:Sp awww my skin is burning…………

Surely your not forgetting though that these have free delivery to Australia. That's gotta be worth at least 50cents.

economy shipping !

Id expect FED EXP at that price !

I made him an offer of 100$ even ..and I told him I wasn't gonna pay that outrageous shipping either ..

Now the waiting ..


I wonder what are the fees associated with removal of listing and then putting the listing back when said item is out of stock?
Apprarently its cheaper to jack up the price, no?

It is the standard procedure when they are out of stock. This way the seller don't have to pay the re-listing price of the goods to Ebay and they can nicely wait until the stock are back up.