Budget bluetooth speaker




These are my 3 options that I think are the best bluetooth speaker, someboday has these? Or you someone has much better suggestions?


I have JBL Flip 3 and it sounds awesome. Everyone who hears it is amazed at the base and sound quality.

@gengar, I’d actually recommend the Anker one.

Anker is at least a respected name in the power bank and solar panel game, so you have that going for you.

I bought my GF a JBL Extreme a couple of years back, which rocks pretty well, but that’s way more than you want to spend.

They do make a lot of smaller/cheaper units and they’ve been in the HiFi game for decades.


Aomais Go, there’s a $50 version that’s 25 watts and a $60 version that’s 30 watts.

Aomais Go

I have good experience with the Tribit XSound Go: Amazon.com

Oontz Angle 3 is really nice and cheap. From your list I’d say Anker though, love almost everything Anker.

Edit: Here is an IPX7 version if that is important. Only $30!

I have the Anker you’re looking at and for a budget speaker I gotta say I have no complaints. IMHO it has pretty good sound across different types of music.
I also have a Oontz Angle 3 ultra like dragunbayne pointed out. I’d say the Oontz is a little better sounding than the Anker.
Whatever you go with, Happy Listening!

too late now but I picked up the Amazon Echo (2nd gen) on Prime day for $50. I’ll compare its sound with the HK Allure which
is similarly sized. The Echo is back to $100 now, the refurb is $50.
The Echo hasn’t arrived yet but I also picked up the Echo Dot and thought I’d hate talking to it but it’s starting to grow on me.

Another vote for the OontZ Angle 3
Dollar for dollar, hard to beat.

Like Anker stuff as well, but do not own that one so can’t say.

I have the Tribit 360 or Maxboom. Check out Oluv’s review on Youtube. The bass is incredible.


3.88eur, i should buy and play with it


This budget bluetooth speaker aomais sport ii surprised me it also has a great design and easy navigation.

What about with a bt budget speaker 2.0 or 2.1(separate speakers)?

I also have one and would recommend it to anyone looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker.

Aomais supports syncing speakers. I have 2 of the go’s, sound way louder than you’d expect from such a small package. The video I posted shows how you can connect to both speakers.