budget but still good LED-Stripes

Good LED-Stripes cost much money. But all the LED-Stripes come from china anyway, so if I would find exactly the model that is sold in europe for much money I should be good?
I want RGBW or RGBWW with at least 1000-1500lm/meter but that gets quite expensive.
I have found 3 Stripes so far, that don’t seem like trash, what do you guys think?


greetings Lukas

My guess is those strips wont last any longer than any other cheap strips. Expensive high-performance strips from reputable manufacturers are still reliant on the strips ability to transfer heat through the substrate into the object they are attached to, so keep that in mind. Higher voltage strips are more efficient than low voltage strips and can carry the current a longer distance with less voltage sag.

Let us know what you come up with. I doubt your’re going to find a cheap 1000-1500lm/meter strip (or even 300lm/meter) that will survive very long before it starts to crap out.

Yea, that is a good point to consider, my current set-up isnt really bright so it doesn’t emit any heat at all.

I doubt that I find a cheap one too, but I mean cheap in comparison to rly expensive manufacturers…

I know that I have to pay for quality but sometimes we all just pay for the logo…