Budget Carabiners, for keys and gear NOT climbing

Has anybody purchased any clips/carabiners from the usual shops (MANA, FT,DX etc..) that have been any good? I would never use them for climbing, i just want some for securing gear and keys and such. I purchased some locking ones from DX last year and threw then in the trash after a week of use.

Thanks in advance.

I like my Niteize S-biner (size 1 or 2 I think). I didn’t get it from DX but they do sell them.

Wonder if the DX ones are really the niteize brand or knockoffs. I have been looking at getting a few stainless steel clips for camping.

Look at thes stainless steel clasp from international outdoor, this is the best carabiner I have ever had.

Do you use them to secure things onto molle (webbing) on packs?

Yes , light weight stuff like rain-gear lights whatever.

I like these but I have ordered similar ones and they did not work .


So I was hoping someone would have first hand knowledge of some budget ones.

I’ve gotten the littlest nite ize carabiners from DX, and I’m pretty sure they’re genuine. (As is other NI product I’ve gotten from DX.)

Their larger carabiners are nice, though not exactly budget.

I use these Grimlocs all over the webbing on my Maxpedition bags. They are strong, locking and stay affixed to the webbing even when left open. They are polymer, and designed for the US marines to prevent becoming shrapnel. Easy to find, and cheap.


NiteIze and grimlocs on Manafont:

NiteIze products are probably genuine, but what about these grimlocs… ?

Really like those boyou clasps, price is right too, thanks Werner!


The Nextorch Figure-8's are not amazeballs, but these lobster clasps were surprisingly really good in looks and quality and so much cheaper!

I buy all my pants at law enforcement stores. There is usually a big jar of Grimlocs on the counter for a couple of dollars each.

Here are 4 for $10.50 and Free Shipping from Amazon


Cheapy $1 colored carabiners at WalMart for keys, ITW Grimloc for $1.50 at Botachtactical, and found S-Biners on clearance at local Target for $2 each and a 3pc set for $4.

Ordered 3 from BoTach!

Thanks ALL!


Boyou spring is a too stiff, compared to the more expensive original that used to be available from Berkeleypoint.
The Boyou is a copy of a copy, I think.
The original sold at yachting shops had a “snowflake” pattern;
the first, improved copy has “MM” — McGizmo clips
I really like those in the “Mini” (largest) size.

If you find those for sale, grab them: http://www.berkeleypoint.com/products/hardware/stainless_clips.html
(the site’s still up but it seems there’s nobody actually selling them there now)

(I found the smaller size McGizmo clips have a spring that’s a bit too weak; twisting the clip could make it fall off a belt loop)

Just in case anyone wants to go titanium.

They are the real thing, and pretty good quality. I got from them a couple years ago some s-biners and a couple figure 9’s and i’m very happy with them. I thought they were too small in the beginning but i found them later perfect for the keyring (easy to attach the key for the motorbike, or the bike, or the leatherman squirt, etc…depending on what i need that day.

I like the tiny biners.


I use them for camping. Specifically for a poncho tarp. It allows me to quickly disconnect my tarp from the lines while still under the poncho. It keeps me from having to get out and get soaked while disconnecting the lines while converting it from tarp back to a poncho.