Budget in-car DVRs

I know a couple of people on here bought some, some time ago. I keep getting emails from the various vendors now showing more and more models at great prices, so I was wondering if anybody has bought one and what are your thoughts. I’d like to hear the pros and cons, ie quality, auto start/stop, how discrete, recording gaps etc……

Thankyou for any input :slight_smile:

I just got this one from tmart. Really budget one, but surprisingly good for such.


- auto start / stop (= plug in to the car & forget)

- good mount with suction cup

- loop recording (2, 5 or 15min, automatically deletes oldest ones when card full)

- cheap (especially as I got -15% with coupon)

- supports MicroSD up to 32GB

- better than expected during night time (with street lights)


- HD quality was a bit jumpy and not as good as I though it to be (DVD quality is quite ok though)

- 2-3s gap between recordings

- can't be powered with USB (= requires power from cigarette lighter when recording, USB power is only for downloading the files)

- Very slow USB connection (DL:ing 1.5GB takes about 30min)

Do any of the cheapies record audio too?
Here’s a previous thread from trooplewis .

That doesn’t sound bad the, nice price too.

Cheers Suncoaster, I knew I’d seen a thread before, I’ll have another tread through :slight_smile:

It’s not the same but similar. I payed about 90 bucks for it. It’s HD wide angle and it does a fine job since one year about.

I like mine but the mount broke, sitting in the hot sun. The part inside the suction cup just disintegrated.
I ordered a new mount from the ebay seller, he shipped it to me for a total of $6.

Hopefully the 2nd one won’t fall apart like the first one.

I like the fact that it shoots out the rear as well as out the front windshield.