Budget Knife alert

Tiny deal has the excellent Sanrenmu 704 model for 4.99 with free shipping.This is one of the nicest[ IMHO ]little knives of the SRM line. http://www.tinydeal.com/sanrenmu-gb-704-manual-release-folding-knife-cutter-with-stainless-steel-blade-edge-clip-silver-blade-fkt-19584-p-16048.html

Thanks for the heads up! Ordered two of these.

Thanks mate, ordered 2. First time using Tiny Deal, let's see how good they are.

Thanks ! Ordered one... also my first time using TinyDeal. Try your best tiny :D

I ordered one of these last summer from Tiny Deal, and the service was fast, and the knife even better. That's a great price, thanks!

That´s only about 3,6 in €. Man, you almost cannot get ANY knife whatsoever for that price, even from a hardware store from here :o

This is a good headsup, maybe I should get some of those for gifts to friends and relatives.

If these are the basic SRM quality, they sure are and look worth a lot more than those 5$ they are sold :)

Thanks for sharing this mate!

Thanks. I ordered one.

Ordered...thanks for the link!

710 is better for us

Great deal, thanks for sharing.

thanks for sharing, good deal

Thanks for the info, I just made an account and ordered...!

Under $5 shipped is a really good deal.

Thanks! I ordered one as well! Won't feel guilty banging it up as my EDC carry.

Bummer. It just went up to $6.26 as I was looking at it.

I guess I caused a rush of orders, $) and they closed the deal.It's a lot of knife for $6.26 as well.I got the black bladed version from them for $6.86.I ordered the $4.99[$6.26] version last night.

Thanks for the ...... heads up anyway. I'm glad some of the other members took advantage of the "sale" and got a nice knife for the $$$. I got real close to clicking the button but waited too long and now that that the price went back up there is no hurry to grab the bargain. I'll just bide my time and wait on another deal. I have a 763 that I really like a lot. The 704 purchase would have just been because it was an amazing deal.

The deal ended.

Damn it, should have taken it faster.

Just received this email from TinyDeals. And I was so happy to be getting this knife.


Dear Lwkeung:

There is some inconvenience about this order.

The item FKT-19584 you ordered is very popular in this period, it has sold out at the moment, we are trying our best to get the item soon.
Item FKT-19584 we have already placed the order with our supplier .it will take 2-3 days for us to get them in our stock.

For this reason, could you please try to change other models in the same value, or just wait till the available time?
If you want to change other models, please send me the links of the item you want to change to.

Please reply in 5 days, if we don't get your reply in 5 days, we will wait till the available time.
Sorry for all inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.
TinyDeal Co. Limited is always here for you, welcome to visit.