Budget light "Pecking Order"?

I get the feeling that most folks in these parts accept the Solarforce as the #1 Budget light, or at least host.

Browsing around on Manafont, DX and eBay, there are a number of others out there that look pretty nice, others not so.

So what order would you rank the "name" budget lights, based on your experience with them?

The names I see a lot are Uniquefire, Trustfire, Ultrafire, Yezl, Small Sun, Tank, Romisen, iTp, MG, Fenix, etc. I know that some are more expensive than others, but if you had to make a list, what would it be?

Let the games begin!


If Fenix is "budget" (Which it isn't really)

1. Fenix (By far)

2. ITP

3. Solarforce

^^^ Above are far and away the best ^^^


4. MG

5. Romison

6-infinity, all the same. Assorted crap + XXXfire