Budget thrower, size not an issue. Recommend me

Been off the forum for a while, recently moved to California and I find I need more throw out here for the greater distances. I want to be able to spot coyotes on the mountain in my backyard. My C8 and HD2000 were fine but they are lacking throw and power for what I need now. Also, they are dated I’m sure compared to what is probably available now. I’ve been out of the scene and don’t know what’s good. I would like to stick to 18650 and multiple cells is fine. I’m looking for brute power. Runtime is not an issue. Size is not an issue as it will be a truck light and around the house, I won’t be walking around much with it so it doesn’t have to fit in a pocket or anything. Looking for something that can spot a coyote at 300 yards or more.

Pure throw
Cheap as possible ($50 or less)
Mega power.
18650 power source.

Convoy L21A with SST40 or XHP35 Hi for sure, simple, reliable a effective tool

Astrolux FT03 with SST40

Astrolux FT03 with XHP50.2



- SAM -

Nightwatch NI40 Luminus SBT90 /SST40 DD /CREE X-HP50.2 DD from Nealsgadgets.com

Haikelite MT40 with 4x 18650 and 4 SST40 in a big reflector. Don’t have it, but it should throw a bit with more lumens than other throwers.

Convoy L2 or L21A with osram white flat :slight_smile:


That exceeds his budget, unless you can buy it for 50$, then please advise me where to buy it.

C8 with Flat white?

The Astrolux FT03 from Banggood is the best budget thrower of the year AFAIK. It can use an 18650 with the included adapter.

If you’re interested in it, you’ve come at a good time to buy one. Freeme is hosting a groupbuy for new colored versions of it (green and blue) for around $28 to $33.

The groupbuy is here: ✌ FREEME - ASTROLUX FT03 in BLUE & GREEN - Arrived! Just comment asking for the code and he’ll PM you. Ordered mine yesterday!

Ah, size not an issue, thought price. :laughing:

I wish the FT03 had been around when I’d gone on my thrower quest. Instead, I have an MF02 that I got pretty cheap (still over twice the price of MF02), and which out-throws the FT03. And my Z1 should out-throw it as well, though it’s a very different light. So I can’t justify buying the FT03, though I find myself recommending it.

The Convoy c8+ with a white flat at 4.5amps is a great cheap small thrower and good runtime with a Samsung 30q

Okay, a P30 might not be had for unner 50bux, but a GTmini probably could.

The C8T is also a nice thrower (C8A for more lemons, but not as throwy).

Emisar D1S with a White Flat

I am in the market for a mid range thrower as well. This has given me a few to strongly consider. Thanks!

Astrolux FT03 is sst40 version is the best way to go here. It will have the best throw by dollar ratio. Although you can use an 18650 tube to make it compatible, I would reccomend spending a few bucks and upgrading to the 26650 to maximize performance. Excellent light, you can’t go wrong. And usb-c rechargeable.

Wait a few weeks for the Emisar D1Sv2. Sounds like it will out-throw most, if not all, in the size and price range.

Convoy L2 with White Flat :smiley:

Wow a lot to thinking about and look into. I have some research to do now. Other than the Convoy C8, I’ve never heard of any others recommended. Been out of the loop recently with life stuff and been mostly shopping at local stores and not online.