Budget thrower, size not an issue. Recommend me


D1sv2 with osram is supposed to throw 1.5km but with an xhp35 hi-cri it might make varmits stand out background colorwise.

Well, you have got some research to do :wink:

The brand new Speras T1. I just ordered one few days ago. Seems like a killer deal for the performance. In fact, I dont know of another light that can throw this far in this price range and size. Martin has a steep discount code for this one.

Otherwise wait for the Noctigon K1 that everyone is waiting for. It will have less lumens than the Speras but throws farther and it has the renowned Emisar brand quality.

Still sticking with the Nitecore P30, BLF GTmini, and Sofirn C8T. Best single-18650 mini-throwers out there.

If you are willing to carry a slightly larger light, i’d recommend the L21A with Osram CSLNM.TG.
I measured 550 kCd :sunglasses:

See this post

FT03 isnt all that… i Just bought one after reading so many positive posts on it and i am pretty disappointed, every thrower I own beats it :frowning:

Anything with a white flat & decent driver , Jax Z1 , Convoy L2 L21A , Even a C8+ but run time & heat is an issue on the c8’s

My recommendation would be an L2 or Jaxman Z1 because you can run 2 26650 5ah cells with a good buck driver and the heats is not an issue

My FT03 is a beast. It doesn’t break any tecords but for the price it’s a must. It beats my Lumintop ODL20C all day long for less than half the price. What kind of battery do you have in it?

The ft03 is a fantastic torch for the money and anyone can buy it without any modding

The ft03 makes about 230Kcd White flat rigs are hitting near 500Kcd…

I think if you ask for the best off the shelf thrower for 30 bucks the FT03 is always going to be suggested , But the second convoy start offering an L21a with a white flat & 5a driver its all over honestly i am surprised they don’t already.

I think the reason is people tend to look at lumens and when you quote less than 1000 lumens these days people think its going to be mediocre

Pretty sure the Astrolux c8 outthrows the sofirn c8t.

May very well. Ain’t got any to compare…

I couldn’t agree with you more !

I really love my L21A with proper focused white flat and 14x 7135 driver, it’s a beast!
doing over 550 kCd on a 40T, with just around 900~950 Lm

It lights a complete living room on the house at the end of my street around 150m away

Total fun

My FT03 arrives today. I am looking forward to a head to head comparison to my 8+ tonight.

I’ve found initially from cold the C8+ wins , spot size is around the same but intensity is higher, However at the 20 second line the C8+ begins to loose efficiency as it heats up and the FT03 pulls back in front by 30 seconds the FT03 is clearly putting more out , I am also really dragging the guts out of my C8+ with 6.2amps at the tailcap and a really upset culnm1

I have a L2, s2+ and c8+ with a flat white. While they are great for throw, I find the hotspot rather small. Walking in the mountains to spot animals my ft03 sst40 works better for me. It lights up more so you can easier spot animals and still has plenty throw for me.

Great job you jerks…now I am looking out the window every 30 seconds waiting for the mail to arrive! haha

This forum is going to cost me so much money!


:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

The waiting is the worst… specially when you’re modding and only half the parts have arrived

You seem to have spent a lot since you became a BLF member spudley!

My advise, do not buy too much, it’s more fun to buy every now and then instead of everything directly

B.T.W. Your package is on its way :wink:

Those unexpected good deals keep finding me. haha

I just had an array of lights I wanted to get before the hunting/camping season hit. I have been the same way with my knife collection. I will buy heavily for a bit, then coast for awhile.