Budget throwers comparison

I won’t belabor the point but the biggest problem is that the surface brightness of the XP-G emitter is less than with the XR-E so it doesn’t throw as far.

The overall output will be a little higher (it has to) but not stronger as you say if you are talking about throw.

Part of the problem with using the same reflector is that you have to position the emitter slightly different since the base of the emitters are different. One is a little deeper than the other.

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because i ordered one the first day i saw them on dx. i had the cr123 version in the past and it was great as well. it was pretty bulky though, for a cr123 light, and i'm trying to elimate those in favor of 18350 lights anyway.

I have the Yezl 5 mode version that takes a cr123 you would think a 18350 would fit it, but it doesn't anyways the P-4 is the same diameter. I have been getting 3.5 amps out of the new 18350 flames if you haven't tried them yet I suggest you do.


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The DEFT EDC uses an XP-C LED @ 1.4A (max 0.5A according to the specs).

Taking advantage of bigger LEDs is not a problem at all - just use a bigger diameter. Not proportional to the dies size though... An XM-L U2 @3A needs about 20% more diameter to throw as well as an XR-E R2 EZ900 @1A.

You cannot combine a reflector and an aspheric to throw better than the aspheric alone btw. (keeping the same diameter).


I didn't remember writing that because I didn't write it. Robertkoa had a weird misquote happen on his post.

Yeah- I just wrote the part about the Deft EDC- don't know how the whole thing got misquoted like that.

Apologies to E1320 and members etc.- just a glitch I guess.

How about something like this ?


It throws quite good but it still has more than enough of usable spill and it's really well made.

Gorann, dX 50mm aspheric fits perfectly into the tr-1200 head. It delivers 35-60k lux with a T5 xm-l at 3.5A.

It depends where you measure the spot. If you measure the upper side of the spot (where are the wire bonds), you get 60k lux.

Did you mean tr-500 head?


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Hmmm, maybe tr-500 and tr-1200 have the same size/type of head...

Yes, I had to modify the light, as you see the photo, the emitter isn't in the drop-in. Now I use an xm-l with this lens. I like its big spot.

As I remember, this lens can reach 70-80k lux with an xr-e.

It's a common tr-500 tr-1200 body, like this: http://lightake.com/detail.do/sku.TrustFire_TR_1200_Flashlight_Body_Tube_Black-29261

yes, exactly the same

But now you at least know what DEFT is :slight_smile: People refer to it even though most of us don’t buy it (too expensive)since it has set the standard for an aspheric thrower.

Basically, nothing any of us are going to do is going to beat a DEFT in the same size range.

You asked a question about lux earlier but I’m not sure what you don’t understand exactly…the concept of “lux” or where/how to get lux measurements?

The "lux" figure is common and refers to a lux reading with a lux-meter at 1m distance; it's actually not the correct way to do it. More info is here and here.

The o-ring idea is one that I have used on smaller lights but also keep in mind that you may not need it.
Decide if the light has as much throw as you would ever need in the slightly unfocused state that you have now.
As it is the beam is a little larger and more useful right?
I’ve ended up slightly defocusing some of my aspherics so you might want to consider that.
Regarding gluing the lens in. That’s a possibility. I think I would consider making a gasket or flange of some sort (for a smaller diameter) to drop in the bezel so you don’t have to rely on that.

I know this is obvious but I thought I’d ask anyway…
Can either the pill be screwed in more (therefore moving it away from the aspheric) or can the head be unscrewed a little doing the same thing?
I’ve done both of those in some lights as well as using a spacer o-ring as you mentioned.
It depends on the style of the flashlight of course and also how long and tight the threads are.