Budget throwers

What’s everyone’s opinion on the best budget throwers <$30 Not too bothered which battery as I have 18650’s 21700’s and 26650’s. TIA

I am very happy with my Convoy C8+

Which version do you have?

Depends on your use.
Some want to see as far as possible, some as much as possible at given distance.
Some prefer to have spill some prefer not to.
Some want the spill wide, some want it narrow, some want a certain angle.

I’ve seen the Convoy L6 really close to $40 when on sale.

But the L6 is not a real thrower.
I’d recommend the Astrolux FT03 SST40, could be had for 30$

Some are over 30bux, but good candidates are:

Sofirn C8T
Convoy L2
Nitecore P30
Lumintop GTmini

I would say Astrolux FT03 SST40, should get you in to the 500-700 meter range.

After that distance you are leaving the budget range and looking at spending more coin that many balk at for a flash light.

Waiting on my 50.2 XPH Astrolux FT03 still but I will say my Convoy C8+ with XPL HI throws VERY well with great build quality. Out throws my Malkoff’d Mag 3D and the beam is so tight that its generally a poor choice for anything else.

I have some other random stuff that does well to. One good example is a Customlites P60 with the cree XPE. Not super bright by modern standards but a great beam profile. Also my Pelican 2360 throws very well for a <400lm 2AA light.

Neal has a few Convoy OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG @ $15.

One of my earliest fun throwers was (is? still exists) a cheep C8 with modestly-driven XP-E2. Crappy host — plastic reflector, plastic front “glass”, crappy switch — but I refitted it with a real brass pill (Fasttech) weighing about 3× as much as the chintzy crappy lightweight Al come-with pill.

I imagine if I drove the E2 a little harder I could squeeze out some more lemons from it, but I took it easy given the host it was going into. Didn’t want to cook it just to gain a few percent more output.

Ach… sold out?

Thanks, keeping my eye on a few of these for when they are on sale. My Emisar D1 will do till then :slight_smile: