Budget twisty like discontinued T10 and Olight i2?

I’m looking for another nice budget 1AA twisty. I have a T10 and like it but they are discontinued. I would probably like Olight i2 since I like i3s, but mad Olight not making the i2s. Tired of upselling myself to Maratac copper and just need something cheaper.

  • 3-mode (low-med-hi)
  • 1AA
  • twisty
  • tailstand
  • $20 or less
  • like slim/compact format of T10. My RC-G2 and UniqueFire AA-S1 are too big.

Anything you recommend?

Slightly over budget but shop around, the nitecore sens AA has an interesting UI with automatic dimming which can be turned off, 3 modes.
It takes a little getting used to but i like mine.

Sens review


The Saber 1A replaced the T10, the DQG AA is another nice choice, and there is a L10 that I forgot who makes (from a American retailer).

Whaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heellll


It is $35, too much :Sp

There wasn’t a budget in the post when I wrote that.

The L3 Illuminations L10 would be my first choice, though it is about 5 bucks above your price range. I’m not even sure the Saber fits in your price range, either.

I forgot about this one.

Identical to the T10 and its under $20.


this looks nice $18


not aa but aaa $15


Yeah, I have the X-Power and it’s good, would be nice if it got a bit cheaper or upgraded with a newer LED though.
Note that the “fluorescent” mode is a moonlight mode, perfect as a bedside table light but when outdoors you probably only want to use the high or low modes.

All appear to be the older XP-G

These look cool, the reflector looks great but the circuit board looks horrible, anyone actually have one? How’s the quality? How hard are they to open?

Pretty sure they are rebranded ThruNite T10’s.

As for opening the head, I’ve seen a few people on the forums post pictures of it. I think one might have been Old Lumens and the other might have been Jonny Mac, a Nichia swap rings a bell. Not 100% sure I’ve named the right people though.

xeno e03? I’m not sure its under $20 though.

Maybe one of the AA lights from Tank007:


Olight quality beats Tank007 hands down