Budget weapon lights?

Are there any decent budget tactical weapon lights? The kind that mount to the rails on pistols like the Surefire X200 X300 etc.

I don’t think anything too practical. Best bet would probably go with a cheaper non budget one like the TLR-1.

I bought one of these to mod, but it worked so good I haven’t messed with it. I have it on my Gen4 Glock 21 I have shot well over 500 rounds of 45acp with the light mounted, no failures yet and it’s at least twice as bright as my Insight MX6 I paid $300 for.


Here it is on the compact 45

and on my target tamer

Flashlight P10 1x CREE XP-G R5 220 lumens for Gun
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I went ahead and ordered one. I got it from Fasttech because it looks like the same light and was cheaper. For $17 and change delivered, I’m not out much. It won’t be my primary Tac light, it will be just to mount on my AR-15 for occasional low light shooting. I have a Surefire X200 for my HD gun (Glock 17) which works fine. It’s not the led version but it provides enough light and for the very limited time I will ever use the light, it provides plenty of runtime.

For a budget light/laser combo for my G17 & G20 also I saw Fasstech had and a airsoft
One with pressure switch but was worried it couldn’t handle the recoil please let me know how your Fasstech light holds up on you please.